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    Advise For slimming

    Dear Katherine, Can you please email me he javanese massage contact please. my email address is [email protected] Thanks
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    Any recommended printer to print insert for wedding invitation card

    Hi Brur79 Can give me the contacts for AXXA Printer? Email: [email protected] Thanks!
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    Hi Christine, I was reading thru' your blog. i must say I feel very touched looking at the blogs you posted and of cos all the lobangs!! OMG.. Kudos to u, the DIY princess. Really very nicely done. Can you please email me the details of the cheong sum shop? I'am a BTB this Oct and would...
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    Ang Pao Box

    Hi all, My AD is in Oct . Love to do DIY stuff too. Any tips to share? All the ang bao boxes here are simply beautiful!!! OMG. I would really to DIY myself after all we all love personal touch to our own wedding dun we? do you gals buy the box and then wrap the wrapping paper of your...
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    Lotsa Wedding Songs

    Hi Eve, I have added u as friend in the multiply & tried following the instructions to down load the songs but cant be done... Not sure Y. Pls enlighten me cos your site is really very useful.
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    (2010) 2010 Brides

    Hi All!! Long time no come in to read le.. the acheives so long... too lazy to read. Simply busy busy busy at work...haizz.. Wat's the latest updates??
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    Amara Singapore

    Hi Yvonne, U can email Rebecca for the 2010 package I only have the hard copy. no soft copy. sorry.
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    (2010) 2010 Brides

    All: Happy NEW YEAR!!! ENjoy the fun of AP collecting this year!. Wishing all a propsperous new year, good health and wealth thruout 2009 & success with happiness in watever u do.
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    (2010) 2010 Brides

    Yozz: Wishing all A properous New Year & Good Health!! HUAT AH!!
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    (2010) 2010 Brides

    Good morning All!! Deerixp> Hope every thing work sout well for u ya. Eve> I dun have multiply account, can u send me your link so I can view your ROm pics too Thanks. Thomas> Master David has replied le. After discussion with FH, my parents and his parents, have decided to choose only...
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    Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel - Anyone had your ROM there?

    Rach> your solemnisation photos are very nice. Which PG did u engage? Can please email me at [email protected] Thanks
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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Hi David, Thank you for your advice. Really appreciate.
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    (2010) 2010 Brides

    all: ttul, time for dinner
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    (2010) 2010 Brides

    joyce: I will goin to marina mandarin too. one of my short listed hotels too. heehee.. but I think since their 2010 package not out yet... still can wait. Its ok to go for site viewing lor, choose the one that u like the best then see how is the perks and price. then shortlist again. after...
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    (2010) 2010 Brides

    Al: just spoken to my sis.. She told me to ask my dad first before i go consult any of the shi fus. Better listen to her:P
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    (2010) 2010 Brides

    Joyce> HAI= Holiday inn atrium, SMC= swiss merchant court GCW= grand copthorne water front
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    (2010) 2010 Brides

    ALL> guess wat, actually my dad knows how to do all this auspicious dates thingy.. Totally forgotten untill my sis told me:P SO pah seh... Reber now alot of people used to coe my plc to " wen shen".
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    (2010) 2010 Brides

    Michelle> Joys did no tell me the actual date yet, cos she told me its not yet confirmed. So will let me know once the date is out. all: After seeing 3 sites, HIA, SMc, GWF, FH likes GWF. Actually I think mayb my expectations too high.. All like not wat I want lay... haiz.
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    (2010) 2010 Brides

    Thomas> noted with thx. Either i get David or long shifu. but both so far away... I stay at cck .
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    (2010) 2010 Brides

    Michelle, I din go to bridal suite cos today they have 3 weddings. I been to their bridal suites before cos my good friend Wedding was there, and I was her Jie mei, so knows how the bridal suite is. Not bad, very spacious and classic. Joyce> Dun worry still ealry to bok BS, PG, VG abd...