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    Anybody been to Bintan in December before?

    Hi there, Do anyone knows an estimated amount to bring to bintan for spending wise? What is the range of prices for their food, souvenirs or the items sold at the factory outlet? And also, which currency is more advisavle to bring? USD or SGD or Rupiah?
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    Brazilian Waxing

    I know this might seem like an odd question but I have been travelling around Europe with my partner for the last month, we are currently in Rome and I am looking for a beauty therapist who does brazilian waxing. I have been unable to find anywhere in Rome that does waxing through an internet...
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    Hello, I just wanted to post how much I like Yaz. I started it last month and its fantastic. I was staunchly against OCP’s for the past couple of years because of previous horrible experiences, but so far I am loving this pill. It has an ultra-low dose of estrogen and a new form of...
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    Shortest way to lose weight

    hi, Eating Healthy is a great rule to follow: Healthy body, healthy mind. Fruits ,Vegetables, whole grains, and Dairy products. Your ulcers will heal, but you have to be careful to stay away from acidic foods. Oranges,Grapefruits, and Tomato, also some soft drinks, can affect an...
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    Nose fillers

    Hi All, Im really not sure if fillers are good for the nose at all. I recalled reading some article - couldnt remember if it was in Dr Toriumi's website - a patient had gotten some filler job for the nose. However, it kind of went wrong or whatever and there seems to be some odd shape...
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    What makes a man faithful???

    Life has no guarantees. You can do everything right but if the man chooses to stray you can't keep him from it. That is because it is HIS choice and you have no control over what he decides to do.
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    Any recommmended salon to straighten hair?

    Hey, The treatment involves coating your hair with keratin and then using heat to seal it into the hair. As far as I know keratin is basically the protein that your hair is made of. Cost ranges between $350-$450 or so. I have med-long hair that just comes to around my armpits. I was quoted...
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    How to overcome post abortion effect?

    Killing a poor baby is so sad. I'd never have an abortion no matter what. It'd haunt you forever knowing that happened. So I get what you're sayin about psychological stuff.
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    Gucci, Coach or Kate Spade bag?

    Hi, I've never been a fan of Kate Spade as the knockoffs available look like the real thing. So why pay for the real thing? I prefer Coach because no knockoff can replicate Coach leather. I'm talking about the Coach traditional line where their concern was leather, not their canvas new...
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    Partner has diabetes. Still marry him?

    We all gonna have something. If it is not this, it is that. The lucky fella not have something else. Diabetis can be treated. Can be managed well. But you luv him! You can marry him and help him manage his condition. He can marry you & be serious about it so he looks after himself...
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    Anyone Done Pebble Flooring?

    I also had been starting to plan putting pebbles in a section of my bathroom that I am working on and also to use pebbles and small stones on a fireplace hearth. Once the pebbles are grouted in place should I grout between the pebbles to even the surface out? thanks
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    Egypt Tour

    I have been to Egypt several times, always independently. This year with my boyfriends parents to give them a taste of not being on a tour. Public transport is good, we used trains mainly. We didnt go on a cruise, maybe next time. We didnt go for the real budget hotels just midrange, all good...
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    Holiday in Gold Coast & Sydney

    Your best bet is to stay on the Gold Coast, as that's where the 4 major theme parks are; Movie World, Dreamworld, Wet & Wild and Sea World. I'm not sure about accomodation but there are lots of beach front apartments - try and
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    Batam-weekend gateway?

    Try even - Phuket, Krabi, Penang, Langkawi, and the list goes on... With low budget airlines, you wold be amazed at the prices you can find!
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    Hi Melakka is a really nice place. It has a quite a lot of old historical buildings, and is really a charming place. Its a mixure of China (old chinese houses), venice (some kanals), indian food stalls, portoguese colonial buildings, malay moslem architechture and food. Its quite touristy but...
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    Anybody join Contiki, Trafalgar or Insight Vacation before?

    I tried Contiki last year. Did the regional tour - "Simply Italy". It was fantastic!! The entire trip was relaxing - not much waiting... itinery was well planned and relaxing... the guide was experienced and friendly. All in all, I would say that it's an experience of a lifetime!!!
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    Any Good Recommendation on Facial Scrub?

    If you're using St Ive's Apricot scrub and find the grains rough, you might wanna try this brand " Three Beauties" apricot scrub. It can be found in John Little & Robinsons. The packaging is quite similar to St Ives, Orange coloured. The grains are very fine and it contained witch hazel and...
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    Purr Organic Facial

    Has anyone tried MIcabella mineral make up? I have there eye shadows and they are amazing ...i love them honestly even more so then Mac and believe me I'm a mac lover, I tried there mineral foundation and it gave an air brush effect, I was amazed, I left it on for a few hours and I wanted to get...
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    Best solution for Scars

    The best natural way to treat scars is to apply Vitamin E directly on the scar itself. This will help in producing more collagen (protein) and when new collagen is produced, new cell growth is accelerated to fade away your scars. Taking Vitamin E orally does not help so much because very little...
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    Good volumizing shampoo to recommend for FLAT hair??

    Biolage from ulta!!! It's a lightweight shampoo and conditioner (and, it's on sale! ) It was reccommended to me because my hair isn't very thick and the saleswoman (plus a customer there that was purchasing a ton of it lol) told me it would work really well. It works better than reg. shampoo...