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    Anyone Migrating to Australia?

    hi melgal.. i've heard of e region area thing too... cos my brother-in-law is going to migrate there in dat category.. not too sure how its like cos my hubby & i didnt go with him when he talk to our agent... think its something like u need to stay in regional area for 2 years or sumting...
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    Duties of Ah Yees & Brothers on Wedding Day?

    Hi.. can i have a copy too.. thanks!! [email protected]
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    Anyone Migrating to Australia?

    yup.. i agree with andrea.. i feel dat its better to go to an agent too.. they are more familiar with the rules & laws of migration.. i've done quite some research myself too b4 signing with one.. me & hubby went to an agent.. more confident cos they told us how to prepare for...
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    Anyone Migrating to Australia?

    Hi all, i actually stumble upon this thread & found dat many ppl r confused by emigration.. most ppl think of emigration as having to leave.. but to me, i feel why not take it as an alternative to life.. give yourself a chance to experience another lifestyle.. while you're still young...