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    Beauty Magic by Liren Neo (Makeup Artist)

    Ya i agreed with Mrs Ho; Liren is a nice person to deal with. She is very professional...all bride to be can consider to hire her as your MUA. Definately no regret!
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    Anyone who has "you pao" under eye area?

    hi tianxin, i also got 'you pao' under my eyes area and i just removed it last 2 weeks by May from Zen Eyebrow embiodiary specialist. She used laser to remove it.
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    Ananda Travel, anyone?

    Hi Aleixis, I think i won't get the discount anymore lor.. b'cause i already paid full amount liao
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    Ananda Travel, anyone?

    Hi Aleixis, They also didn't mention HM discount when i signed up ler...can I get rebate from them after showing them my invitation card? Any idea?
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    Ananda Travel, anyone?

    Hi Aleixis, I signed up 10days trip to Turkey. Saturday very crowded. Ananda was my 1st station, i straight away sign up with them didn't compare with other travel agent already. B'cause i found the price almost the same. As the tour manager said they have 10years history for Turkey trip, so...
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    Ananda Travel, anyone?

    Hi ladies, i'm oso one of Ananda travel's 1st time customer. Just signed my honeymoon package with them last Sat. As one of the travel manager told me, they have a lot of experience for Europe tour.
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    Hi Minty, I will be going to Bintan this weekend and will stay at Nirwana 2 days 1 nite. This package is $368 nett for 2 person, including creme bath & body massage for 2. Very good deal. You can do the booking thru [email protected], promotion from April till end of Jul....but...
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    Men suit

    Hi Sharon, Thanks for your advise. How much they charge per suit?
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    Men suit

    did anyone know the workmanship of Men's wear at pearl centre?
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    Hi Zann, Thanks i got it. Your CS is very nice. Can i know where you tailor made your CS?
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    Hi Zann, Can i see your CS too. Thanks. [email protected]
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    Mauritius the Best place for Honeymoon ...

    Hi jewel, Can i know how much is your package? I'm also thinking to go Mauritius for my honeymoon. But i haven't book yet. If i'm not wrong, have one more Natas fair in Jun/August, right?