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    Mahjong kakis in Tampines/Simei/Bedok

    i stay west.... non smoker only.... hve played for years.... [email protected]
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    Mahjong khakis for newbies (10/20 cents only)

    i dont mind... i have not played for such some times maybe 3 years..... start small is good.. email [email protected]
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    Will men go for a Divorcee? How do I kw he is into me?

    i am keen to mj.. west area...
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    Anyone mahjong sessions today?

    wow.. i am interested.. have not been playing for 2 years... how big is yr bet?? where the location??
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    My affair, the full circle

    i find these ladies most attractive and more steady. I would say these ladies are much intelligent and have put more thoughts and protect towards their children interest before they came to a decision. However things are not always the best if given the situation. Life is short, you never know...