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    Universal Studio Singapore Adult tickets for sale x2

    Kindly text me at 83688796. I m interested.
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    morning highlights for wedding lunch?

    Oh, I just add on $100 for the additional editor. :)
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    $350 capital land voucher for sale!

    Hello there, what is your best offer? I m keen to buy. You can email me at [email protected] for fast deal. Thanks.
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    morning highlights for wedding lunch?

    Possible as mine is the same. My VG will do express morning highlight for me to be shown during lunch banquet,
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    Brand new red Evening gown for sale - only $70

    Hello, received you email. Just to confirm with you, the longest length of this dress will be 83cm?
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    Brand new red Evening gown for sale - only $70

    Hi there, I am interested. Can you take a photo of the back of this dress and send to me at [email protected]? And what s your best offer?
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    Oh I see. Don't worry, you may want to refer to the following website, they have listed the top 5 most popular solemnizers. You can try to approach them.
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    Hey Klaz, you can try again now. Think he will come back to you with a positive answer as now is nearer to your wedding date :)
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    Yes he is still a JP. We have just gotten his duly signed consent form via postage. Our wedding is on 22 Dec. We approached him in Mid June, however, he asked us to come back by Sep. And, we emailed him again last week and he came back to us less than a day for the confirmation. We are so...
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    String quartet is needed

    Anyone knows where to get string quartet or maybe 3 instruments band for wedding at reasonable price, below $1k for only 45min? I m looking for my wedding on 22 dec 13.
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    WTS: Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot Red Wine (Tenta)

    I m interested. Can you contact me at 83688796?
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    WTS: Wedding Stuff

    Hi there, I have just sent you email. I m keen to take up flower girl basket. Let me know soon. Thanks
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    Rental of candy bar jars

    Can you email me at [email protected] on the details?
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    Rental of candy bar jars

    Hello, I would like to rent your candy jars as displayed but my wedding day is on 22 dec 13 lunch.. I guess it is still early right? How should I secure the booking?
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    Wedding Videographer - in Johor Bahru

    Hey, you can try LMP production. Can search from Facebook. My friends wedding taken by them. The quality is good. The price is very much affordable! Most importantly, they are very passionate! I m going to use them for my wedding too. If you are interested, pm me for details.
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    (2013/12) Dec 2013 BTB

    And magnetgal, where are you going to do your banquet?
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    (2013/12) Dec 2013 BTB

    Hello pinky! Congrats! and wow, seems like 22 dec 13 is a popular date too! And, why are you stuck at BS? Too many of the good ones? Hard to select? :)
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    Spozami Wedding Mansion

    Me too! I m going to have Mandy as MUA for my actual day in dec :)