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    Regent Singapore

    Hi, Does anyone know the current banquet rates offered by regent? Thanks, Vic
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    Hey damnjian, Thanks alot! Happy New Year to you... Cheers, vic
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    Hey Meow meow, Thanks for checking out for me. Probably need to confirm the no. of tables with the future in-laws first.. Anyway, you have a good year ahead! Cheers, vic
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    Hey gals, Thanks for the info...I wouldn't agree more that it's a good bargain but after discussion with my FH, seems like a bit too rush for us to make the decision within the weekend(exact date not set and the parents have not met up yet). And i got 2 years before the actual day..sigh...
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    Hi Meow Meow, Thanks for the info! sounds like a really good deal. But is the price valid for banquets in 2003? I am planning for late 2003. Thx..
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    (2002) Brides of year 2002

    Hello cindy, Can i view your pics too? My email: [email protected] Thanks!!!
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    Where to get bean bag?

    The Actus in havelock road has closed down.
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    Anyone? Solemnisation and Hi-Tea at Hotel

    Hi All, Anyone knows what other hotel provide solemnisation packages? I am looking at around 30-40 pax, preferably with private area for buffet hi-tea. Thanx, Vicki
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    Thanks for the recipes, Sunny!
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    Hi Sunny I also want the set of recipes, pleaaasssee email me at : [email protected] Thanks a bunch
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    Raffles Hotel

    yes kpo
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    Raffles Hotel

    KPO, I am not Junebrides lah ;)