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  1. J

    Would you want to keep in touch with your EX?

    no point to keep in touch with the ex..
  2. J

    Do u wear silicon bra?

    i tried on silicon bras before, it's good
  3. J

    Cure for snoring?

    get the nasal strips for snoring at guardian/watsons.. i think it helps
  4. J

    Cats Lovers??

    adorable cats!
  5. J

    Be my valentine

    absolutely love this song!
  6. J

    Branded Bags lovers, ladies?

    hi all, i have a prada Tessuto Gaufre BN1336 in black for sale. Brand new and authentic, bought in dec 2011 in UK. Letting go at $2000. Please pm me, thanks.
  7. J

    Bad Tempered Hubby

    yeah dont apologise, it's not your fault. you can't really change a person's temper.. so.. good luck babe
  8. J

    Anyone play Ukulele?

    i tried learning, found it hard cos i have no music background, and i got a neck ache
  9. J

    Any single lady wants to date my brother?

    your bro sounds good.. yeah im curious why is the sis promoting the bro online..
  10. J

    Any jazz lovers here?

    love jazz too.. makes me feel lovey dovey..
  11. J

    Ang bao to parents during CNY

    angbao to parents.. but not necessary for your siblings..
  12. J

    Ang Pao Rate

    whats the current rate for 2012 anyone knows?
  13. J

    A Meaningful And Motivational Story

    the important things in life.. good reminder to prioritise!
  14. J

    A broken Hearted woman In need of Female Clothings

    you can pm me if you want
  15. J

    A meaningful story to live by ... (must see)

    how true.. truly appreciate the blessings that life has given me..
  16. J

    4 inch wedding shoes

    anna nucci shoes look nice..
  17. J

    A disturbing problem...

    yeah you gotta talk to your sis.. tell her that you need your privacy too
  18. J

    A relationship with an irc pal?

    irc is so old.. ppl still use it??