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    Academy Video Productions

    Hi...have you sent pls?
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    Academy Video Productions

    Kindly send to [email protected] ...thanks
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    10 tables. Where to hold small wedding dinner?

    Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel
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    Do you choose your own proposal ring or bf choose for u?

    We chose the ring together...a 0.7 from Soo Kee...we both fell in love with it!
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    Any Good Driving Instructor - For refreshing course

    Same as cheri....any recommendations?
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    Kebaya tailor shop to recommend?

    Nice....i'm having a problem trying to match my top with a bottom
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    Kebaya tailor shop to recommend?

    I just went to check out the following kebaya shops as recommended above today in one afternoon: Rumah Bebe, Rumah Kim Choo, Judy Young Creation, Neng Amy Trading p& Rosetta Trading and finally decided on Rosetta. The shop has many designs and the lady was very patient and friendly. Price...
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    8kg Loss within 7 weeks

    I would like to know too...pls email to me at [email protected] ...thanks
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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Hi Master Tong, Can you kindly advise what are the suitable dates for us? We are looking at either 7 Nov 2011 or 13 Nov 2011. Groom: Jan 1973 (RAT) Groom's dad: PIG Groom's step mum: RAT Bride: 1971 (PIG) Bride's mum: RABBIT Thanks in advance
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    Christian church venues anyone?

    i'm having the same problem too...and all are done on Saturdays and not Sundays.
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    Advice on Bridal Shops & Services

    Hi Jingying Can you pls share your package with me [email protected] you so much