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    Electrolux - Washing Machines

    Can I check with you guys whats the duration for a normal wash cycle? The sales man at best denki told me electrolux washer takes 2 hours minimum for a wash cycle, is it true?
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    Part Time Maid

    Hi fanta, Can provide me your part time maid's contact as well to [email protected] Thanks
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    Contractors for Renovation (Non-ID) Wanted

    Hi angie (ah faye), could you provide me with your contractor's contact to [email protected]
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    Hi Iz_leng, Could you provide me with the carpenter's contact to this email: [email protected] Thanks
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    Hi roxyz, Thanks very much for the contact!
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    Hi roxyz, wow, your curtains are beautiful and looked very plush and skillfully made coz it flows nicely. Would it be too much a trouble if you could provide the contact to my email? my email: [email protected] thanks a million! very nice
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    Any dentist to recommend for braces - good and at reason price

    Hi! I am sorry you wont be able to use your medisave for braces as its considered cosmetic surgery. Sure, i will check with my doc this friday upon my vist with the orthodontist. But, i understand u only need to wear it for 1 year straight and then after that its off ... will do cheers...
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    Any dentist to recommend for braces - good and at reason price

    Hello! I am new here, just wanna share my experiecnce with you all. I have always wanted to get braces as i have crooked teeth on the lower set and slight protruding upper set of my teeth. The reason for holding back till now was really the extraction of teeth. (by the way, I am 35 this...
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    Hair - who knows where to get perm tat looks like those japanese curl....

    I just had my hair permed at Matsuo Shunji. but the curls are so soft its gone after 1st wash. my hairsylist was matsuo himself. total cost $462 He had layered my hair so much and he didnt listen to what i wanted... Previously, I let kiyomi deal with my hair but she left the salon for...
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    hi! I bought the sealy posturepedic majestic from Takashimaya... its really plush for my backache. very pleased.
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    Hi All, I am looking for a good carpenter to do up cabinetry for my study room using solid wood anyone knows any skillful carpenter who is really good and i dont mind to pay abit more. Thanks a million! my email [email protected]