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    Good facial to recommend

    I use ponds face lotion, its in a type of jar with a blue lid, you can get it at any drug store or walmart or probably anywhere really. They also have an off brand of it at dollar general type places, with all the same ingredients in the same order, just cheaper. I have a dry/combination type of...
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    Any Recommendation on good spa/massage in BKK?

    There is a very nice spa up the street from the Ambassador: Ananda Spa. You should be able to google it. For a lower to mid-range priced spa, Raintree on Soi 11 (west side, near the Rosabieng Restaurant) is OK also. Both of these offer packages, both are also legit spas. Best to book at least a...
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    Paris accomodation

    Hi, I would suggest you do some research on the different arrondisements. Many have the type of things you are looking for. With hundreds of hotels that will meet your other criteria, it is probably best to find where you want to stay first. Also, I'm not sure of the rest of your trip...
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    Bintan - angsana or mayang sari?

    Hello, I've stayed at Angsana but not Mayang Sari. Angsana is ok- the rooms are a little disappointing for a resort that calls itself 4 star, and there are LOTS of kids there that, when I was there, used the pool every morning from 7am and screamed loudly. People complained but the hotel did...
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    Honeymoon to europe

    I recommend Venice! It was so utterly romantic. It would be a fantastic honeymoon. Or I can warmly recommend San Sebastián. The best food in Spain if not in all of Europe. Fabulous city beaches, surfing, hiking and landscapes. My favourite city, and it meet all the romance criterias by...
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    Anyone been to Taipei b4?

    There are a number of places close to Taipei that can be easily visited as day trips, including Danshui, Jiufen and Yingge, to name just a few. Pick up either the Lonely Planet or Rough Guide books on Taiwan to look for details on these and other places. As #2 points out, the High Speed Rail...
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    Anyone use Granite top for kitchen and toilet

    2 years ago I had an Eljer ROK Granite Composite kitchen sink installed. This was a product from the Astracast Company. 5 days ago I poured hot water in the sink and the sink cracked in about 45 places. They say that these sinks are heat resistant to 530 degrees, but mine still cracked...
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    Anyone know where got Nice Day Bed?

    Hi, I just had the exact same situation. I got a GORGEOUS daybed on sale at JCPenneys. The queen bed was just too big for the room, and was seldom used. It's a great room, and now, it looks more like a sitting room. I got a small corner desk at Big Lots; it has file type cupboards in it. The...
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    Nice Rugs.. where can I get them?

    Hi there, You can try both Molecule or Life Storey at Great World City, 2nd Floor. They have a good range of modern rugs. I got 2 in the last month! Good luck!
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    Any recommendations for hobs & hood?

    Mayer ( has a range of hobs and hoods, regular prices on web site but look out for regular sales... Franke has some too ( I love shopping and comparing products on my PC
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    Any experience with tempered glass ?

    tempered glass can shatter spontaneously when the mid-plane tensile stresses are not in equilibrium with the compressive stresses at the surface. Other than induced stress (thermal or mechanical), this can be caused by: 1) Poor process control (furnace or cooling nozzle problems) 2)...
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    Epi-Lasik At Eagle Eye Centre

    Just had Epilasik done at Eagle Eye with Dr Julian Theng. Assessment and actual procedure all on same day. Not many people so everything was done so fast! Reached at 1040 and was out of there by 1230pm. Its abit scary but actually doesn't hurt at all.. The burning smell is abit...
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    Problem sleeping with hubby snoring

    Ask your doctor to set up a sleep study and see if he has sleep apnia .Snoring is wearing out his heart ,he probably holds his breath at certain times as he snores .The C-pap stops the snoring by breathing in a mask and the air is at a certain pressure so as you are breathing the back of the...
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    Anyone knows of any good private driving instructor in Sengkang

    Hi, if you ever need to look for a private driving instructor around UBI area. Do not look for this man. Name: ANG QUEK FOO. Car Plate: SFZ 2708. My encountered with him is HORRIBLE! He is a registered pte driving instructor under COMFORT DRIVING CENTRE, he teaches around UBI, EUNOS & Yio...
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    Any good Geomancer to recommend?

    Hello, Perhaps you can try Ba Zi Consultation ? I've heard that they have a good reference on fortune telling or geomancy things. I've heard too that their can help you in wealth potential, career opportunities, and many others. I've heard about their services only, sorry if I don't know much...
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    Any place to recommend for candle light dinner?

    i just came back from bintan also, not recommended too the wooden bed,wooden wardrobe and chair looks so old. though its really resort theme but its more like staying in a chalet. I personally think Bintan is good for a group of people go there, play beach games together. Not recommended...
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    Feel unwell after drinking coffee

    We have a coffee house chain in Canada called Tim Horton's. If I drink a couple cups of their coffee, I experience the symptoms which you describe above. I can drink coffee at home all day and never experience these effects, but 2 cups of their stuff and I feel like my heart is going to jump...
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    1 jiemei only, not good enough?

    so far, i been a jiemei more then 6times but we didn't negotiate for any amount before hand. Of course, for fun.. we will asked for 9999... for the effect to be taken down on video.. of course in the end.. is usually 188/288 or so... end up... its only maybe 20 or 30 per jiemei.. but its...
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    Dinner Buffet - cheap and good ones?

    Ban Heng Teochew Restaurant at Boon Keng offer ala-carte buffet lunch/dinner @S$18++ [all you can eat]. We went there once, and also twice at their Changi Golf Club branch [now already shutdown]. Very good deal, sit down, just select the dishes, wait for serving, can repeat the dishes if you...
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    Derma-rx Users?

    Hi, Is Derma RX Clinic effective for treating skin with large pores and slightly sensitive skin? Appreciate if someone with such skin type can share their experiences with this clinic. Thanks.