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    Hainanese Brides, anyone???

    Where to buy hainanese Guo da li cake or biscuits?
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    Any thank you speech to share?

    Can send me a copy of your thank you speech in english and mandarin at [email protected] Appreciate it very much. ThanK YOU Very Much!
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    Jun: ooh so far i read online reviews SHeratons is Good for their food..maybe that is a Rare Case or unlucky.. but just went for weddings Show too. and food were nice too.
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    Daphne: that is 1-2 mths ago..
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    daphne: service of ST Regis, the waitress forgotten abt us requesting for wines and take a long time to serve us maybe for that day short of staff...
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    daphne: attended St Regis wedding dinner, their foyer is super packed and hot!! (if you have lots of guests gonna gather at foyer, pls dun. coz that time i almost fained with friends coz super stuffy maybe too crowded) Food Wise not bad but coz my friends top-up alot more for the FOOD. coz...
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    Thank u Michelle & Fang, Glad that now we can rest assured our biG day will be in Good hands!
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    Hi Happylilone, Thank you for your advice.. guess i missed the post coz quite active thread so probably i missed your earlier post.. alright will made an appt with them.
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    hi Happylilone.. how much is ur Wedding Band from vivodiamond??
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    Anyone heard of ,Just Diamond by Defred???

    i only know that is a MLM company..
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    Make-Up and Hairdo for 2nd March-in

    hi may: may i know who is ur MUA?
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    "si dian jin (四点金)"

    Hi anyone, may i know when to wear SDJ on AD?? during which serve tea ??
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    ee09: can i have your cousin's contact or her website to see her portfolio? thanks
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    My 17k dream flat come true...

    hi anyone have YoYo mentioned contractor? mind to share with me the contact, can email me at [email protected] or PM me many thanks in advanced!!
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    Amara or Novotel Clarke Quay ?

    Hi , just attended one wedding dinner @ Novotel Clarke Quay. Food wise - super nice, Marvellous.. Sevrice- super nice! ( coz my coke & wine havent finsihed all, already get a new glass for me without me asking for refill).. BAllroom setup nice just abit delayed thats why have to loiter at...
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    Fang: Enjoy ur BiG Day! and do share with us ur experience and pictures if possible =) Wishing u a Blissful Marriage..
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    Ang Bao Box

    Autumn: till now ur friend never reply me on the ANg Pao Box..
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    Anyone engage "3-sessions" as their live band ???

    Hi W3ita, i went to see the performance.. Jocelyn sing betters than other well know brand live band.. me and my friends preference..
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    hi may are u having ROM + AD on same day?? may i know what price is ur package? is there a deduction of $500 ?? can share with me coz i am ST BTB in next yr Nov..
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    hi angel be quick.. =) coz alot of hotel been taken up for that date ..