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    Kind Advices Needed

    Hi all tks for the advices. Firstly I did explain to son why he need to spend time to study and watch tv. But the thing is the 1st thing he woke up is watch tv and all his time at home is watch tv as well. I told him that he must allocate time to study as well. As for the if dun study cannot get...
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    Kind Advices Needed

    Hi All sorry 1st for the lengthy post... this is my current situation, My wife and I are both divorcee who have failed in our 1st marriage. My wife came to me with a son and this year we had our daughter. I've always treated my stepson as my own and tried to be a good father to him. i.e. love...
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    How to make a closure to a endless pain

    Hi Meimei I don't wish to pour cold water but i think once he said that, the r/s is over. I also broke up with my ex after 7yrs of courtship and ROMed. it just suddenly happened, during our wedding preparation (banquet booked, date chosen, house bought, reno done...) one day she just old me...
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    Need advice

    Hi All My wife and i are divorcee and she has a son from her previous marriage who have been staying with her mum and bros all the while. We married in June this year, All the while i've treated the son as my own thus I've always hope we can live more like a normal family because i think...
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    Am I wrong?

    albee actually I think "popo" would like to stay with her sons, bu then the sons dun come home, i think she use her grandson for company. We are working on registering our marriage and she asked her bro to help us select a date (i obj to this cos i rather go find her master cos her bro is...
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    Am I wrong?

    Hi triple we talked about marriage plans and about adding another sibling to our boy. she have always prompted me about "my plans". sometimes i just feel like retorting, is my plans that important? you will listen and implement my plans? but somehow i always held back to maintain harmony. I...
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    Am I wrong?

    Hi everybody I am posting here because i think i desperately needed some advice. I am a divorcee and my girlfriend is also a divorcee with a small boy. We have been together since the boy was 4 months old... And i love both mother and son very much. The boy have been calling me "papa"...
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    Annulment - considered as 1st or 2nd applicant?

    annulment means the flat is returned to HDB right? mabbe 2nd timer but may not need to pay the resale levy...
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    Divorce & HDB Policies

    Hi Wonder if anybody knows whether a divorcee who has owned a HDB flat before need to pay the resale levy under the following condition. Marries another divorcee with existing HDB flat (with child) & add name to be joint owner. Is there any other criteria to be satisfied?
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    Recommendation for Lawyer please - Divorce

    i need a good lawyer as well.... PM Me too
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    Recommendation for Lawyer please - Divorce

    I also need.... PM me too
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    Good lawyer with reasonable rates

    Hi, my wife have strayed and i've decided to move on. am looking for good lawyer with reasonable rates for divorce. any kind souls can PM me the contacts?
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    with 50K i dun think u need to take 5-7 yrs loan at all... at most 3 years... but going in and out of CBD is VERY EX... u sure u wan to drive?
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    What happens to hdb flat after annulment?

    i think gotta surrender to HDB and HDB will buy back frm u at 90% of selling price
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    Girlfriend broke off a ten-years relationship..

    sorry i did not make myself clear... the 'play-play' attitude does not refer to TS's ex in this case it's just something i quote in general.. :=)
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    Girlfriend broke off a ten-years relationship..

    there is a phrase that many people (i think gals) like to use "I've moved fwd but u have not moved in the same pace as me"... How u know that u (they) have actually moved forward and not backwards? Milo, i agree with u that a breakup does not happen in the spur of the moment... but i have to...
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    Girlfriend broke off a ten-years relationship..

    I think everyone will have their own flaws, no1 is perfect... But when a person loves u, she can see ur kind intentions, when the love is gone, watever things u do, will always be bad... there are always 2 sides to a coin... Take for instance when u dun let her dance for fear of her falling...
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    Heart-broken souls

    i think u are missing my pt... i am not saying we shld 'waste' time doing those seemingly unless things like sharing the same old (sad) stories etc... Many people know that it's useless and waste time... No doubts about that.... But we gotta be more sensitive and do/say the right thing at the...
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    Unreasonable Sisters-in-laws!

    I agree with koi koi too... but for MRC's comments i think it will be tough... if they are prejudiced against u they can come up with 101 things to be unhappy about u... they can make a molehill into a mountain... Personally, if u can bear with it, just dun bother abt them, time will prove...
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    Heart-broken souls

    I dun understand why some of u guys are so defensive towards sharing of each other's "bad experience"... perhaps to some it is seen as a a weakness, can't let go, or just to compare with each other to see who's story is more tragic... I believe that each and everyone of us behaves and treat...