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    Where is my happily ever after?

    does it matter to benchmark with others HBs? because u r missing the point. your hb won't change even if you try to tell him how good others hb are, it will make him angrier. what is in your HB can't be changed. i support your earlier thoughts, lie low for next 4 years and file for divorce. as...
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    Wedding invites dilemma

    like you said, you are not in high position and the bosses don't know you personally, normally people don't invite bosses with no direct working relatinship. but since you have already gave the invites, and they indicated maybe, guess you will need to reserve the seats regardless in the end...
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    Should I ROM???

    u shouldn't marry out of responsibility. just make sure that you there for your ex - be it help out financially or go with her for check ups etc. Marry or not its easy to solve, its the other concerns will be big headache for u, am sure you are already aware. Because once this news get out...
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    Living separately after customary wedding?

    to answer your question, yes it is common for married couples to stay separate before finding suitable place. so no worries.
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    What can i do to make her loves me?

    U have done your best. That's it. The rest is up to your gf oredy. U oredy said she agreed to be with u for stability, how come u still want to get her love you leh ? Just live with what she said lo. If she don't feel like loving you, extra things you do will not change that. Rather than...
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    Going to get married... but totally insecure about it!

    No you are not expecting too much and yes you are right to feel insecure. In a nutshell, being financially stable is very important for marriage. Put aside your plans for marriage this year until all debts are settled and BF business is stable and making profit. Love cannot buy bread.
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    Do I need to see a psychiatrist

    It may be helpful to also explain your unhappiness after hibernation, so that whatever issue that caused the fight will not repeat again. Otherwise it is no point going into hibernation again and again without resolving issues that cause your quarrels.
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    Pregnant to stop IN Laws from moving in?

    Agree that having a gambler in the house is courting trouble, what if she owe loansharks, what if she bring her gambling khakis home, what if she teaches your children to gamble. It is also not positive education for children if parents and grandparents are cold towards eachother. Better to meet...
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    Friend or Lover?

    No, not normal. Better ask him what's going on and see if your marriage can be salvage.
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    I wonder how a man can love his wife and cheat on her at the same time?

    Hi Eliz, saw your post last friday, and on sunday, you seem happier and ready to be the supportive wife. so do we hear wedding bells soon (bf proposed on friday) ? Cheers.
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    I wonder how a man can love his wife and cheat on her at the same time?

    Hope things are getting on ok in this r/s, because usually first few months are generally honeymoon, but your posts show you're pretty troubled in this short period.
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    I wonder how a man can love his wife and cheat on her at the same time?

    agree with iris. your topics are mainly of what people tell you, should start to judge situations on your own rather than being influenced by others. relationships are manageable as long as u try to balance what makes your partner ticks and what yourself wants. For example if it tortures you...
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    Testing your hubby out by giving him your friend's number - will you ever do this?

    just another thing, Eliz I think from all your posts in various threads, i am somehow given the impression that your so called 'friends' either gave u irrational advices (like test bf, duh..) or they betrayed you (told a married man u liked him..). please also leave these poisonous people.
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    Testing your hubby out by giving him your friend's number - will you ever do this?

    Eliz, u are definitely insecure. i really think you should work to overcome your insecurities first. go read up self help books, go for counseling, whatever ... help yourself first otherwise whoever is your bf will be miserable as he will be the one who need to suffer under your insecurities ...
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    A Place To Vent Anger on Monster In Laws

    i'm puzzled why your hb letter said you move out on your own will, coz you were in fact forced to move out due to your MIL pressure. anyway i think your lawyer is better person to help you handle this. just go ahead and squeeze every cent due to you out of your hb don't spare him. this will show...
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    A Place To Vent Anger on Monster In Laws

    you MIL staying with relative... haha, think you are goin to get into real trouble now... the relatives are going to think that you are a jinx and causing your MIL so much heartache and her moving out. that's a smart move for your MIL you know. stick to what you are doing now lah, don't think so...
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    What Friend Are For??!!

    sometimes the problem lies within ourselves. because we are extremely concious of our own lower standard - in your case (happy), you are concious/feel inferior of your bf not doing too well, thus those remarks by your friends you take it very personally. what you can do, forget that your bf or...
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    A Place To Vent Anger on Monster In Laws

    yea PB, actually you already know the answer - not moving back. Don't think so much already, once you make decision, take and run liao, don't remain at the same spot pacing back & forth.
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    What Friend Are For??!!

    yea, have to say that your AD in dec is really too early for ppl to commit, so you shouldn't blame your friends for saying no. they prob dun want to now promise then nearer the date they tell you they can't make it. And dun be surprised there're also people who go MIA on your AD banquet without...
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    What Friend Are For??!!

    Hi Haze just a suggestion based on the current situation, you are upset with your friends because in your mind you have a fixed idea that every bride got to go thro' the rowdy 'gatecrashing' game and the more jiemei the better. How about try to accept the idea of a simple and civilise...