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    Selling 3 brand new gowns

    Gown 2: Custom made. Inspired gown. Mermaid Style - still available? [email protected]
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    Selling Foils Balloons

    hello! may I know how much you are selling LOVE for? :) [email protected]
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    WTS: Pronovias White One gown, cheongsam and evening gown for sale

    hi dear im keen on the white gown and cheongsam, can pls let me know the measurements? thanks :) [email protected]
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    Post Wedding Sale!

    hi im keen to see more pics of items that are available :) [email protected]
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    Wedding items and props to let go!

    hello! white gown is pretttyyy, do you have details? BNIB? :) [email protected]
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    Evening Gowns, ROM/Tea Dresses, Bridesmaid/Sister Dresses for SALE *reduced price*

    received with thanks, pls lemme take a look and get back to you. :)
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    WTS : Brand new europe design dinner gown

    hi hi im keen to get, may I know if this is still available? thanks! [email protected]
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    looking for guest book + coloured pens

    I have sharpers colour markers which were used for my ROM in march just past, will you be keen?
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    WTS MBS premier room weekend 7 June at $300

    px negotiable?
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    you can try approach stefii's bloom who may be able to do it for you :)
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    Post Wedding Sales (gowns, decorations, tea ceremony etc)

    hi dear, are the Floral Wreaths still available? do you know where to get them cuz I need 9 of it...appreciate you can share, thank you!
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    Post Wedding Sales (gowns, decorations, tea ceremony etc)

    hi dear im keen on the lace gown you posted, may I know if you have more pictures of it from various view? thank you.
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    Post Wedding Miscellaneous Items - Unused Angbao box and Chalkboard

    hi may I ask the size of the angbao box? also, there are 2 pics of the angbao you have 2 to sell?
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    Suggestions for solemnisation venues

    Jewelbox has a very pretty little garden and nice view from a good decent altitude for your consideration too. I had mine in march just past :)
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    Pre-wed shoot at 京華城精品婚紗

    hello babe! do you have some photos to share? :)
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    Wedding lunch schedule

    hello dearies, im having wedding lunch too, pls share with me the schedule too, thanks! [email protected]
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    Wedding items for sale!

    hi im keen on the balloons too, still available? if so, kindly advise price, thanks!
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    (2014/11) November 2014

    hi may I know if there is any French wedding bride with their big day on 29-nov? may I know who your MUA is? thank you!