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  1. Thekitty

    House Moving (movers) Company - Any recommendation?

    You can find Pegasus at 8822 7078 . You can quote reference from Bernice. I have used his service 3x.. very good service as items all carefully wrapped.. and no breakage..
  2. Thekitty

    Tea ceremony

    It actually depends on the number of people you need to serve the teas to..if its around 20, I guess around 30 mins-1 hr..
  3. Thekitty

    Bridal Shops that Allow Trying

    The gown warehouse do allow..just no pics
  4. Thekitty

    Need help for bands

    Hi, I texted a few companies but didn’t received any replies. Was wondering any good shanghai jazz singers for a cosy environment for a wedding event this saturday.
  5. Thekitty

    Need suggestions on wedding emcee

    Can pm too for emcee? Thanks
  6. Thekitty

    Vineyard Package to let go

    Prices can be discounted. It’s halal certified.
  7. Thekitty

    Vineyard Package to let go

    Interested parties please email me at [email protected]..
  8. Thekitty

    Vineyard Package to let go

    Hello, Previously I have booked a package with vineyard, and placed an deposit of $2,750. As my hub decided to change the venue. Any brides interested? Marriage flowers and food has yet to confirm.