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  1. Distraughtx

    How do I remove a thread/message that I posted?

    Hi moderator, Could you help me to remove this thread as i no longer need advice:
  2. Distraughtx

    Infidelity, Divorce, and Moving on

    My hub also asked me to be a better woman. I only changed for the good and not for him. Never ever lose yourself in a relationship. Praying for a smooth divorce for you as it is never easy!
  3. Distraughtx

    Should I divorce over a lazy husband?

    I am in a similar incident as you and have been nagging my husband to do house chores till i am tired and just dont give a **** anymore. The same excuse he always give is “all these i dont know how to do”. Im quite turned off by his character till i dont really wanna have any form of intimacy...