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    Hilton Hotel

    Hi Xjy, no worries! I have just graduated! The Hilton banquet side did an excellent job! Service is really thumbs up! Our banquet manager is Laurence, he really did a very good job in every way! Our catering manager, June is really responsive to all our requests and came back with positive...
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    Hilton Hotel

    Hi! I have not graduated yet .. :)
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    Hilton Hotel

    Hi Ton! Sorry for the late reply! My AD is next month! I'm taking the grand ballroom. Food is okay! Congrats! When is your AD?
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    Hilton Hotel

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    Hilton Hotel

    Yes, I am a Hilton btb :)
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    (2014/11) November 2014

    Oh, I mean my 4 pieces Jewellery for Guo Da Li. The bridal shop is providing me the costume Jewellery but I don't know how they look like. Do you know what accessories is the bridal shop providing you? I thought to Buy some just in case I don't like theirs
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    Hilton Hotel

    Hi Daplian! Have you graduated? Lol how is everything??
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    (2014/11) November 2014

    Hi Blackcube! I have not done anything else, not even photoshoots! I am now choosing my bridal jewellery though :)
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    Anyone can share Wedding Songs

    Dreams Come True a/ka Pachelbel's Canon in D :)
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    Hilton Hotel

    Oh!! Which items are you ordering? Do you know what are nice??
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    Hilton Hotel

    Thanks! Mag! For the cocktail menu!
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    AD Angbaos Rate to helpers (2014)

    If I am the jie mei and receive $28, I am happy enough. I do not even mind not getting anything! It is just a token of appreciation. Need to give Hotel Manager, photographer/videographer and MUA also? I thought only the sisters and brothers and the flower girls and whoever opens the car door for...
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    Stressed up BTB.

    Maybe you can check if they can allow you to pay by instalments instead?
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    Wedding lunch schedule

    7am make up and Hair do by MUA 8am groom fetches bride from bride's home. Bride in white gown. No gate crash 8.30am reaches groom's home. Tea ceremony for groom's side. 9am change to kua and go back to bride's home. Tea ceremony for bride's side. 9.30am leaves for the hotel 10am Reach hotel...
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    bridal shops comparison

    So which are you choosing?
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    (2014) 2014 Brides

    Anyone having Wedding Serenata as your live band performers? Are they good?
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    Hilton Hotel

    Mag, where do I find info about the canapes? I look high and low for it but to no avail. Where can I choose the variety from? Oh, you are having the tea ceremony last! I may be doing the tea ceremony first with my kua, followed by solemnization with my tea dress and then luncheon with my...
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    How long is Dr Phua's solemnization? He advised me to get someone to solemnise my marriage at my preferred auspicious time on my big day. Does everyone choose an auspicious timing for solemnization?? My case is very rush as I am having my tea ceremony before my solemnization, followed by...
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    Any JP recomand?

    Hi! Can anyone recommend me a good solemnizer who is billingual in English, Mandarin and Hokkien/teochew? There are so many solemnizers out there, how to know who is good and who is not:rolleyes:
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    Hilton Hotel

    Only the first 2 dishes? Oh NO...:confused: Nothing in between? By the way, how much does it cost for the 5 trays of canapes? I thought my guests will be hungry after my solemnization so at least they can have some food during the cocktail session while waiting for me to get changed. Are you...