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    Looking for ring pillow

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I have bought one. Thread closed.
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    Looking for ring pillow

    Hi All, am looking for a ring pillow. Please PM me if you have any available.
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    No Gatecrash

    Am not having gatecrash either, going to meet him directly at our wedding venue.
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    WTS: Brand New Sleepwear :)

    How much are you selling?
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    WTS: Wedding Gowns, Evening Gowns and Accessories

    Hi, can I check if the Freshwater pearl + swarvoski hair accessory is a headband or is tied on by a ribbon?
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    (2014/01) Jan 2014 BTB

    How are all the January Brides prep going?
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    Hi, I am interested in the pinwheel, the mr & mrs tag and the Pom poms.
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    where to get mini potted plants as wedding favors

    Hi canlee, am looking for mini potted plants too! Have you found a place that sell them wholesale?
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    (2014/01) Jan 2014 BTB

    Cynthia, is ur wedding date the 11th of January?? Mine is too!
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    (2014/01) Jan 2014 BTB

    Hi all, am a January 2014 BTB too!
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    Post Wedding Sale

    Hi am interested in item 7-