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    Amore Fitness at Woodlands Civic Centre

    hihi, i am also looking at amore fitness packages. esp classes. wanna start asap. please PM me if any letting go. thx!
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    Amore Fitness Membership

    hi all, please PM me letting go any amore fitness packages. thx!
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    Anyone else disappointed with KFC food?

    the kfc is reli getting worst. even writing to them wun solve any problems.. worst thg is.. not evena single reply.. haiz.. disappointing...
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    Constipation (Anyone has any help)

    just realise its from china, thk gonna ask my dad who is gg china for biz to purchase more for me.. frankly speaking, seems not bad after trying. now having menses, stop for few days but stil can poo poo. as for weight loss.... din weight leh... like no diff thou.
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    Contours Express

    may i koe where izit?
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    Eyelashes Extension

    oh i see. sounds very tempting to try also. how can i reach the supplier?
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    Eyelashes Extension

    hi irene, are those fakelash or? how do u stick on ur own lash? coz i think its gonna be rather hard thou. please PM me the details, thx thx!!
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    Clarins Products

    hi ladies, if u r interested in the CLARINS Aroma Body Care (A series of 3, please PM me for fast deal. price is negotiable
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    Clarins Products

    hi ladies, i hv a CLARINS Aroma Body Care (A series of 3) to let go. it cost abt S$123 in retails shop. please PM me ur best price. Beauty Benefits : Þ For Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate - Invigorates the mind and body through its aromatic benefits. - Creates...
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    Breast Enhancement product, BRAVA -- Newly launched!

    hi magic28, what do u mean by fats shifting mtd? how izit done? i also ve e same prob as u. having " additional breasts " at the armpit... cant wear spegs because of that else very awful...
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    All about rebonding

    hi ladies, my aunt do rebonding n other hair services. she use to have a saloon in hougang. n she resides at sengkang. but now she work from home. her charges are reasonable, definitely cheaper than the outside saloon as there is no rent to pay. ;) if interested, pls PM me for her contacts. btw...
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    Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (Taiwan)

    hi gers, watson is having this sales promotion for the face massager. well, its watsons brand. oni $12.90. i wonder if it is similar to the one which u gers are talking abt. hope this helps.
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    Any fast ways to reduce weight within 2mths time?

    hi missy and Irene, pls do email me the details of the products. [email protected]
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    Perfume - Which one will you recommend?

    i love Escada Pacific Paradise . its like love at first sight. so sweet smelling....
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    Cambridge Diet 7days Challenge

    hi ladies, anyone wanna take part togther? maybe we can go for the talk n experience the challenge together.
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    Cambridge Diet 7days Challenge

    wah. reli! i dun mind taking part in such contest. weell. can reduce weight, y not?! please do update the details ya? Regards
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    Clarins Products

    hi dec, is there reli such a cream. ur fren is the one using it or heard it also?
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    Tan Kan Ming Chinese Medical - Slimming/Breast Enlargement Acupuncture+

    Hi Swing me, tt's in my tot oni. stil young now.. so.. maybe its jz a tot ba. heez!
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    Tan Kan Ming Chinese Medical - Slimming/Breast Enlargement Acupuncture+

    Hi swing me, the pain is there oni when the neddle pokes in, abt 2 or 3 secs, after tt it is ok. stil bearable. but not gg already. thk i will jz leave it as it is. if next time got extra money den go under the knife. hehe!
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    Tan Kan Ming Chinese Medical - Slimming/Breast Enlargement Acupuncture+

    i have been there twice for the treatment... n guess i am not gg back. cant reli withstand the pain.... n when i was there, apparently alot pple go there for the breast enhancement treatment. i dunno if is a scam or what.... (no offense)i dun see any different after the 2 treatments. maybe bcoz...