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    Solemnisation at Amara Swimming Pool

    Anyone had the high tea buffet timing? Was it very warm? Worried about the setting sun being too hot for guests.
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    M Hotel Singapore

    Any more reviews? Thinking of signing with M Hotel or Crowne Plaza Changi this Sat during BOWS.
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    Carlton Hotel

    Any upcoming wedding shows that Carlton in participating in?
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    Taiwan photography advice please

    Question here... If I want to take scenic shoots of the blue skies and beach...should I go in end Apr or mid Nov? Understand best season would be Jun/Jul, however due to work commitments..cannot choose dates then...
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    ~~~ Any banquets to release for 2012?~~~

    My friend is letting go of his wedding dinner banquet at Conrad on 5 May due to an overseas job posting.. Need to postpone his wedding in Sg or look at doing it overseas... Willing to forgo his 4k deposit for the banquet i.e. mean you can save the cost of almost 30 pax.. Email me...
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    Wedding Rings

    I think nearer to year end, there will be more discounts in the shops.. @sshl85, can consider goldheart or soo kee as well.. Generally I think the prices of wedding bands are okay if you don't go for too much diamonds on it..
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    20-25 tables budget below 1k

    Am also looking for hotels which allow a minimum of 20 tables as we are looking at 23 to 25 tables max.. Seem like most hotels have a min of at least 25 or some 30 tables especially for wkends.. Budget is less than 1.2k.. A few hotels I know I can consider are Crowne Plaza Changi, Hilton...
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    Taiwan photography advice please

    I also signed with Ivy Brides.. As they only have Taiwan branch, you can rent their gowns back to SG for ur AD.. But you hve to pay for the courier charges... It also means the gowns have to be fitted when u go over for PS and the risk of whether it can fit still nearer to ur AD.. For me, I will...
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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Hi Master Tong, I understand that the Year of Snake clashes for those born in the year of Pig. Me and HTB are both pigs but would like to plan for wedding in 2013 as 2012 is too soon and 2014 is too far. Is there something we can do to still proceed with our wedding in 2013? Thanks!