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    Black Box Photography

    Hi, We are looking for AD Photo+videography services for 6 Dec 09. Please email me your package at [email protected] Thanks so much EP
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    Hilton Hotel

    Hi saggiegirl, Thanks for your feedback, should be going down to see the room tomorrow. Have a great saturday all! Cheers
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    Hilton Hotel

    Hi Saggiegirl, I have checked and they allow minimum 10 tables for lunch wedding..but i have not gone down to see the room..So just asking for feedback here if panorama will look nice for a 12-15 table banquet Thanks!!
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    Hilton Hotel

    Hi, I am looking at holding my banquet at Hilton in Jan 2010 for 12-14 tables only, can anyone share their view if their Panorama / Vista room will be too big for a small-scale event? Or which room will be a better choice. Thanks Cheers