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    2013 Nov Europe Package

    we are also gng to those places in may 2013. we will be gng via EU and per pax after tax ard 3200. My friend told me EU is not bad for europe trip. Chan bro quoted us i think ard 4.5k for same places. Dynasty 5k.
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    Anyone tried TRA?

    Hello Pei Chin, TRA u can take it at home and my consultant who is a v nice and responsible lady does regular house visit to take your weight. i can share with u my consultant's contact. Feel free to PM or email to [email protected]
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    1 year for me to slim 10 kg for my wedding

    such slimming pill works by controlling craving and weight lost may meant losing water and not body fats. Weight will rebound since no body fats have been lose. A very effective program to lose body and organ fats would be 3 mths TRA. no weight rebound after finishing the program and our...
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    U can try gmarket.
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    he has made our guests loud a lot too lol
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    4" Wedding Shoes

    i am selling Anna Nucci size 5 at 80 dollars wore once. PM me if keen
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    WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?

    LG direct drive is good. motor is strong and no loud sound. save electricity and water too
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    Lost Fat..How?

    but will Renductil reduce visceral fats? no right. Most impt aspect of slimming down is to get rid of visceral(organ) fats. no use to juz reduce the appearance of outer fats when one may have slimmed down but inside the body huge layer of organ fats. For a more worthwhile slimming method TRA...
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    1 year for me to slim 10 kg for my wedding

    Swing can understand how u feel as for some ppl control diet like eating just one teaspoon of rice per day weight does not get reduced. I can refer you to our consultant to understand more on TRA as she and my hubby are successful examples of benefiting from TRA. Body shape has become smaller...
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    Novotel Clarke Quay

    Just had my wedding. i would say it can be troublesome to walk wif my long train or EG from bridal suite to the ballroom as the lift is not in the same building. Food wise standard dropped when compared to food tasting. Guests said they were in a rush to clear food and cut the fish leftover to...
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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Hi Master Tong, can i know if i need advice on wedding dates, what kind of info do u need? my hubby to be and my birth time do u need them to analyse?
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    Actual Day Package Only

    michelle can i noe hw much was ur Twn PS? if u wan to hire AD separately wat price range u r looking at?
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    Actual Day Package Only

    hmm michelle no AD photography also???
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    Actual Day Package Only

    then AD photography r u gals gng to find urself instead fm the BS?
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    Actual Day Package Only

    does those AD price package also include AD photography? coz from the posts above seems like only WG,EG and MUA are being mentioned wif no AD photography
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    Fortune telling

    anyone know if will he ask u to buy expensive fengshui items?? how does JS liew find good dates for the couple? based on bazi of the couples? any good or bad experience after hving fengshui audit by JS liew?
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    Cervical cancer vaccine

    47? You're not too old for cervical cancer vaccine
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    Anti Cervical Cancer drug !! Good or bad ?? 47? You're not too old for cervical cancer vaccine
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    Eye cream for fine lines under the eyes and side of eyes

    anyone can recommend eye cream that can cure or reduce my fine lines...i have used clinque all abt eyes and Nature Centella Repair & Firming Eye Concentrate but still no use for me
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    Skinny Brides

    me too...height 164cm(used to be 168cm) at 39kg used to be 40 or 41kg de