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    Inability to penetrate during sex

    yeap, initially will be very very painful, the first time for me was the same - cannot penetrate, maybe becos your tolerance of pain is ver low, so, didnt even get to penetrate already feel very painful so your hubby surely dun bear to go further, sometimes u just need him to push it thru, dats...
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    Evening Primrose Oil

    Hi, I heard that evening primrose oil is good for skin n easing menstrual cramps, but could result in weight gain! Tat's y I didn't dare to try :p
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    hi ugly duckling, dun think i have any candlestand on the recep table, only at both sides of the "path" where we march in.
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    Comments and Suggestions about

    Hi Chin Leng, Just to inform you... I usually go to "Newest Postings" when I entered the forum. I saw some same postings appearing under different topics, some under wrong topics... happened since yesterday afternoon. Fix it quickly :D
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    Whether to serve Shark Fin????

    Hi all, Cool down gals We r juz sharing our opinions and feelings here. Let's not start a debate war here. Relax...
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    Hi och, ya lor, I only had white seat covers, and only the 2 vip tables had gold stash + some extra decor, which i can't remember :p But i think it's presentable enough.
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    Hi ugly duckling, I think their "standard" lighting is already quite dim n romantic enough March-in photos still turned out alright. Before we went round for table photos, my photographer asked the staff to brighten the lights. If you use dim lights with strong flashlight, will the faces...
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    hi ugly ducking, I had 2 menus to choose from, I took most of the dishes from the "more spicy" menu. I got very good feedback on the "chicken in thai sauce" n "fried scallops in black pepper etc...". i also chose the gold theme, cos the colour of the walls were orangery / gold...
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    hi all, i had my dinner at hyatt, hibiscus room in June. I agree that the sales side is quite inflexible, but they r professonal, n the food was great and their standard decor is nice so I didn't hv spend extra on decor. Generally I had good reviews! Except that my wedding was on a weekend...