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    Raffles Hotel

    Hi lilo, I am not sure how much are they charging for extra sash. But indeed, they charge additional cost for everthing you want to add on, even little things like bringing in our stuffs to decorate the venue & ask their staffs to help us to place, they will charge to. What colours for...
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    How to hv white teeth?

    Hi, anyone tried using iwhite? IS it effective? It is supposed to use for a week, can be found at guardian or watson.
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    Wedding Montage

    Hi, may I know usually how many pics are shown during the montage? How many minutes does the montage takes?
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    Tea Ceremony Queries

    Hi cactus & ice,thx After ROM, my hubby has been addressing my parents as "pa & ma". If on the tea ceremony day, if he switches to address them as "daddy & mummy" (following the way I have been calling them) would that seems wierd/funny or would that be okay?
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    Tea Ceremony Queries

    Hi Ice, thx. By the way, just wandering..when serve tea to my Inlaws side, usually ny hubby will be the one serving tea first then elders drink already then it will be my turn & I will just follow how he address them right? But what about when serving tea to my side? Do I serve tea...
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    Combing Hair Session for AD

    Hi vanilla, thx for sharing.. I didnt know that that groom have this hair combing session too. Anyone has the ancient litany in mandarin?
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    Hi gals, Does House of Etiquette do rental for their kaus or we have to purchase them? I am looking for those with silver/gold threading type (like sentosa's kua) not those modern types. Any recommendations pls kindly advice me. thx .
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    Thank you speech

    Hi, can anyone kindly send me both the English and Chinese version of the thank you speech. [email protected] Thanks
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    Speech by bride/groom

    Hi, can i have a copy of the bride & groom speech? thanks. [email protected]
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    Tea Ceremony Queries

    Hi girls, does the tea ceremomy need to be serve on the same day for both sides? can it be served to the groom's side on a couple of days before the AD then the bride's side on AD? Any taboo? thx
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    Combing Hair Session for AD

    Hi brides, Hmm.. so is the combing hair thing supposed to be done on AD or the nite b4 actual day? if doing in the morning, it means we have to do it before the make up session right? If do at the night before the actual day can we do it like any timing or must be like just before we...
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    "Guo Da Li (过大礼)" ??

    Hi cactus, thanks alot! Hmm.. My side is asking for wines to be exchanged to angbao, but did not state how many bottles. As such, normally how much to prepare for this angbao? Is it going to be based on the number bottles of wines? If it is, may I know usually how many bottles & how...
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    "Guo Da Li (过大礼)" ??

    Hi gals, I understand that the pingjin is supposed to be placed on a tray with 2 oranges.. what abt nappy angbao? Do my hubby give that to my mum directly or also place on the tray together with the pingjin angbao? Hubby need to write anything on both the angbaos for auspicious purposes or for...
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    Actual Day -- wat should happen?????

    Hi all, I wont be having any gate crashing in the morning, so not having any jiemei or xiong di, in this case, do i need anyone to follow me to my inlaws hse? Thanks.
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    3 In 1 Portrait or 20"X24" Portrait for bedroom

    Hi Jenn, Can i take a look too. Thanks! [email protected]
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    "Guo Da Li (过大礼)" ??

    Hi cactus Thank you so for sharing. Hi IHM, Thanks for giving me the location of the GDL stalls. It is very true that hearing all the aunties suggestions will make things very confusing, all of them trying to be helpful by telling us what to do but then, all have their own opinions.. my...
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    Bride Speech

    Hi all, Please share you speech with me too [email protected]
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    "Guo Da Li (过大礼)" ??

    Hi girls , going to get some stuffs for GDL.. anywhere in the east that sells those traditional items? If Chinatown, where is the shop? Btw way, is it necessary for hubby to give angbaos to bride's family members when he come to bride's hse to give GDL items? There are so many aunties from...
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    Hi Ladies, pls share you cheongsum pix with me too, I am interested. [email protected] thx