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    Part time maid

    Part time cleaner need. in West, cck. email [email protected]
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    Local Part Time Maid

    Looking for paid time cleaner. Do washing, ironing, mopping and other basic chores.. In West, CCK. Contact me at [email protected]
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    MIELE Washer & Dryer

    hahaa... yes wahsing is an art!! im thinking of getting the miele machine when Tangs sales. I don think i need the extended warranty.
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    MIELE Washer & Dryer

    I am thinking of getting a machine & dryer and happen to come across this brand. Had a few qtns for the experts here: 1) Had been using top load machine, so what is the things i must take note when using front load machine? 2) Can i just put in all my clothes and wash together...
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    For All dog lovers

    I own one.. haha..she is 1 yr plus.