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    Anyone Help? Hokkaido Trip

    erm... i din recieve anything... u may wana email me instead. [email protected]
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    Anyone Help? Hokkaido Trip

    Yup... Planned it by myself.. it's great in hokkaido!!! Nice trip there... I've fully updated my blog on my trip.. just that something i had yet to have the time to scan and post online.. but the information there shld useful i hope...
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    Anyone received call from NbyN?

    I did sign up... mmm for abt closing to 2 yrs i tink.. so far so good.. not much of a complain though.. benefits: annual shoot (softcopy given back) event photos shoot 2 times every 3 years corporate shoot every year (softcopy) can have makeover twice annually if not wrong offer some...
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    Advice on Honeymoon - Hokkaido

    back from my honeymoon and manage to do up my honeymoon pics in some way.
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    Anyone Help? Hokkaido Trip

    I'm back from my honeymoon... its totally great... check out my website... mmm but updating still and slow.... lol
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    Advice on Honeymoon - Hokkaido

    Should go both!!! It's different,i tink... I'm going tonite. Will update u gers ok? Hehez. If you going hokkaido, u will stopover at tokyo.. so why not spend 2-3 days in tokyo too?
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    Anyone making own ring pillow, own church decor, guest book and wedding gown?

    I did a few things on my own, like montage photos designed, pillow, wedding card, my wedding and evening gown design, husband suit design.
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    Actual Day Schedule

    Hey, you may wana check out my wedding blog as reference.
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    What to buy in Japan (Tokyo)

    Whao! Seems like really great Fancl Pdts huh. Hahaz. Maybe i go check out the pdts in sg prices. hehez. can earn some cash. organising some spree. lol. jus kidding. Thanks. So i'll look out for the make up and the facial pdt there. What abt branded goods? cheaper there?
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    What to buy in Japan (Tokyo)

    It's ard hw much in sgd per mask? So buying cosmetic there are better rite? cos i know there make up fanatics. lol. so there got the so call *in* make up pdts. Hehe.
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    What to buy in Japan (Tokyo)

    Erm i heard Fancl pdts are very cheap compared to sg. I going nxt yr too... when u going? I heading to hokkaido then tokyo...
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    Scrapbooking - Any enthusiasts here?

    Ooo... I din know got pple fancy scrap booking here. Any budget scrapbooking styles? I tink MWL items are quite expensive le. I more budget type. :p I doing a scrapbook for my wedding memories, which include the preparation, my photoshoot photos and my wedding actual day. What I did is...
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    Hi Winnie, Could u send me a copy too? Pretty Please [email protected]
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    Anyone Help? Hokkaido Trip

    okie, thanks very much for the replies. am planning to go 2days sapporo,1day otaru,2 days noboritsu,2 day hakodate, 2 day tokyo. =) trying to planned my f&e route...and shopping and attractions...
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    Anyone Help? Hokkaido Trip

    Thanks so much. Care to email me your self drive itinerary to share? [email protected]
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    Anyone Help? Hokkaido Trip

    Hi all, Anyone did a DIY Trip to Hokkaido? I want to plan a 8days 7 Night Trip to Hokkaido. Cos I believe if I were to follow a tour group, it will be rather hectic cos of the tight schedule. So I wana plan a trip to Hokkaido on my own. I'm looking into leaving Singapore on the 23 Jan 2009...
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    "Just Married" Sign-Where to get

    U can get it at Far East Plaza... i think level 4 or 3... it's somewhere behind... so must walk... they sell alot of wedding chinese stuffs... including floral wrist corsages as well...
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    Anyone has wedding speech for to share?

    mmm... i paid $1788 (inclusive of express highlights and 10 minutes summart of the full day edited) Check out my wedding blog for the full details. =)
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    Ring Pillow - DIY

    I did up my own wedding pillow too... mine was more of ribbons that i played around with... Check out my wedding blog too, might have some info u can use there. =)
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    Number of Jie Meis/Xiong Dis

    I think it's rather up to u, how many you want. I have 4 sisters and 10 brothers. cos my hubby say he wants to over rule the sisters so he found 10 brothers to come for gatecrash. lol. My wedding just past abt a wk =) Happy entering into a new chapter together... and also got a photographer...