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    Jurong West St.61 Blk 656

    oic, no wonder i always hear mumbling noises in the wee hours of the morning!
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    $20k for Jurong West Executive possible?

    Hihi, dont forget me for your gatherings!!!!!
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    $20k for Jurong West Executive possible?

    then why is it that this raymond worker still dare to charge for the service, aint they HDB contractors?
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    $20k for Jurong West Executive possible?

    thanks for the info, matthew
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    $20k for Jurong West Executive possible?

    hi fallingflakes do u have to pay the HDB contractors for doing that?
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    Jurong West St.61 Blk 656

    Hi Shirley, I did ask some IDs, and almost all mentioned U need to engage PE to do the hacking
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    I bought my lightings from Pan-Tech at Jurong East, recommended from the members here
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    Wedding Bands... where to get affordable ones?

    hi, we got ours from Taka Jewery, costs us only $199. But very simple one, no design, half Gold, half white Gold
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    so envy to all of U gals, i am having mine at Xuang Xi Loi on 16 Dec this year
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    Any recommendation for dvd home theatre system ?

    i also using Sony DAV - 520 system, costs $599
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    Aircon - anyone heard of All Best

    i went to ALLBEST at IMM, but still decide on GainCity
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    Air-con installation - Gain City, Twin City or ???

    I bought mine from GainCity IMM, very good service and their price is competitive, workmanship also very good
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    Affordable Toilet Bowls, Basins, Taps & Accessories

    i buy all my bathroom accessories from Royal Fanco at Jalan Besar
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    last trip to BKK was 1999. Only trip this year was to Hong Kong in June. Not a fruitful trip as the sales are not happening yet.
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    CHeapest Place for Electircal GOODS!!

    i bought most of my electrical stuff from Gain City, was serviced by a very nice Sales Manager at IMM branch which only sells aircon, but after having nice coffee session with him, realise they can also place orders from their other branches, and they dont charge commission on their electrical...
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    $20k for Jurong West Executive possible?

    Hi Cynthia, my sympathy to U too, able to disclose which lousy ID firm is from?
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    now exchange rate is horrible, 1 SGD is 21.7 THB
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    200 for bathtub?... advice needed...

    Good Quality bathtubs usually costs above $500/-, above $800, U will be able to get the Jacuzzi type. Alot of choices at jalan besar area
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    Taipei - budget accomodation ???

    Best hotels to stay in Taipei, if U like XiMenTing is: (1) Rainbow Hotel (2) Golden Castle Hotel (3) East Dragon Hotel (4) Wonstar Hotel (5) Kilin Hotel all are around 5 minutes walking time to the Train station - XiMen Station
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    Hong Kong : Some Advice Needed!

    i have alot of fun buying shoes and dresses at Fayuen St and also Arygle Street. In Central, there is this fashion chain call H&M (not in SG yet), quite like TopShop, very fashionable and reasonably price. Go check it out