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    Innocent flirting?

    Not sure if any of you still recall this blog somewhere in 2007 (If I remembered correctly) by a lady whereby she blog about her lovely relationship with her hubby and subsequently her pregnancy and the pain of discovering her hubby involving with another woman.
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    Sharon Au is reported to be marrying her French bf, 8 years her junior.
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    GF older than BF?

    How old was the hubby 28 years ago when the wife was 38?
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    Meaning to say you got married with your present hubby while still in a relationship with your ex? 'broke off from my ex for more than a year’…..‘got married for about 2 years’
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    GF older than BF?

    Who r U kidding? Marrying yr hubby when he was only 14!
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    In love with A married man ...

    'In fact, i have been leaving to fate if i am pregnant by any chance. This will help in holding my relationship with (J).' What a dangerous thought!
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    Mdm or Miss

    Isn’t ‘mdm’ is a form of politeness? Just like the retailers will address the ladies as ‘mdm’ n men as ‘sir’
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    How to celebrate bf birthday in a romantic bugetised way?

    Singapore is a cosmopolitan city with big chunks of foreigners. It is not necessary just singaporeans.
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    At no where in the post, Who? Me? stated foreign talent = domestic help.
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    Where to find my "someone"

    Otelle, Aren't you married? 'Later on, i met my now hb, i give him whatever he wanted during our courtship days, within 6 mths, marriage talks are on the table.'
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    Jurlique Products in Singapore..

    Where can i get Jurlique products in singapore? Is it being sold at DFS?
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    What will happen to my PR ICA Call Center Tel: 6391 6100
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    GND = go and die?
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    Leaving home...

    Vios, You are right. The last post dated Sept ’08, sunflower75 talked about singlehood, fast forward to dec ’08, sunflower75 got a husband. Otelle, are you speaking for yourself? Posted on Sunday...
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    Leaving home...

    Sunflower (sunflower75), Posted on Friday, July 18, 2008 - 8:58 pm: 'Hi i share the same sentiments with you. Being single at early 30s, I face the same problem too. Have attended few speed dating...
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    Any good recommendation for facial IPL?

    Appreciate if you can share your experience and charges in getting IPL treatment at any of below or other clinics: 1)Singapore Aesthetic Centre 2) Doctors Inc Medical Group 3) THE MEDICAL & REJUVENATION CENTRE 4) David Loh Surgery 5) Clavin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic Thanks
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    Kuan Yin Temple at Waterloo Street.

    Hi blue_diamond, Appreciate that you can help to interpret lot 32, asking about patching back. Thanks a lot.
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    Sincere advice needed

    No sex, no kid life Why men visit porn and prostitute?
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    A Place for Singles

    that driver in the camry is a sporean?