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    Japan Trip - Tokyo

    Hi, my family and I are going to tokyo this december, plan to book bluewave inn asakusa hotel because it says in its reviews that its near asakusa train station, does anybody here knows how really near it is to the train station?, any information about this hotel and its surrounding place will...
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    Beijing - Where to go?

    You need to go to the Hongquiao Market in Chong Men Wen. I haven't been there in nearly 10 years, but this is the Beijing pearl market. As far as treatments go, it isn't easy to tell whether or not the pearls have been over treated. They've all been treated, but only the over-treated pearls are...
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    Arnoma Hotel Bangkok?

    Arrived at The Arnoma after a scary cab ride through Bangkok. Concierge were fab and couldnt do enough. Hotel has a massive lobby with a piano playing and plenty of sofas. We had a meeting with our rep who tried to persuade us to visit one of the many 'famous' tailors in Bangkok as she could...
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    Max coil mattress.. Heard before??

    I bought a super single max coil mattress... have been using it for > 1 yr now... not too sure about its history... individually pocketed spring... very comfortable to me. Don't just look at the brand when you buy mattress... you need to lay on it to have a feel.
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    Shelves for storeroom

    you can buy it at walmart or target is better for such items than ebay. Atleast they have stores nearer and will ship it immediately and more reliable return policy than ebay... Sorry... not trying to discourage ebay users, just my experience that furniture is better on local stores, where u can...
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    Marble Flooring

    Hi, if you have marble flooring (as compared to having ceramic or homogeneous tiles), be prepared to have noisier bedrooms (no matter how solid your doors are). That was the advice given to me by the boss of a popular door supplier company.
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    Bath tub in HDB bathroom

    I think nowadays very hard to have bathtubs installed in HDB housing. I heard bathtub minimum is 1.4 but usually bathrooms not so big to accommodate. Plus if downstairs leak, die. I wanted to have a bathtub in my new home, but contractor say cannot.
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    Ariston or Joven heater

    Hi all, just my feedback: i was using ariston storage heater last time, 25L type. And now in my new place, i used Joven storage, 25L also. i realised that Joven is alot better than ariston. Joven heat up water really fast. Almost like instant heater. Ariston really must wait...
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    Cracked Glass Hob

    Hi all, I have a Whirlpool glass cooking hob which somehow got cracked. The crack is located in the front sector of the hob and takes over about 3/4 of the hob. I was just wondering could this be repaired or will a replacement glass cooking hob need to be bought? It is working fine at...
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    Recommendations for good buffet caterer

    Hi, you may try "Liang Food Caterer", I found that their price is cheap compared to others, and the foods are not bad too. For your information, they served "Halal" food. Previously they do have a another outlet that serve non-halal, but dont know why now they do not have the link page in their...
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    Movies that makes you cry...

    Some of my gut wrenching favorites are: -P.S I love you (This sucker makes me cry constantly from beginning to end...It never fails) -The Notebook (beautiful movie for obvious reasons) -Band of Brothers (I know it's more of a mini series but by the end of the 9 episodes I can't help...
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    Rate your most ROMANTIC MOVIE !!!

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It's romantic comedy and science fiction combined. The Jim Carrey character reminds me so much of myself, plus Kate Winslet is just a goddess in my eyes. If anyone doesn't take Jim Carrey seriously has an actor after watching this movie, then they are...
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    Any jazz lovers here?

    i love jazz. it took me many years to start to get it, but once i did i loved it. i first got into jazz through the fusion stuff like Mahavishnu Orchestra. And then I heard the ECM stuff by people like Garbarek and Rypdal. Since that stuff has rock beats it was easier to get into. it took me...
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    Any shoppping addicts here?

    I have the same problem, but I use my own money and I somewhat control it. If I REALLY don't have the money, I don't get anything, but I'm always looking and wanting new things. If I go into a store, I never leave without a bag. It's not a TERRIBLE thing.. but I would suggest getting a job and...
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    Any Good Driving Instructors to recommend?

    hey guys, try Mr Ng at97972000,my private instructor that is very patient and have taught me a lot of techniques and guess what?i passed the first time!I have recommended him with a lot of people as i'm so happy with him..he can pick you up any place for $35 for an hour if i'm not mistaken,it...
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    Any recommendation where to get beaded shoes(peranakan)

    if you do happen to go to malacca, they have tons of beaded shoes there. i bought most of mine there. my mum, sis and me had a craze for a while. do go for the ones with the open toe. the closed toe types are a bit hard to walk in. my mum also learnt the art of making beaded shoes from Bebe...
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    Advice on Buying my first Car!

    Look at consumers guide for cars they have all the good and bad listed on a chart. I bought my toyota highlander that way it has the same V6 as the lexus but a way better value even fully loaded. ALways buy last years model as long as its the fifth year or so of the bodystyle. THe bugs come...
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    Tabletop oven recommendations?

    My colleage just got herself a tabletop oven recently. She got it from one of the electrical appliances shop opposite Queensway shopping centre (the sports shoes place). She told me the saving is very significant when compared to places like best denki and Tangs. Anyway, I can't remember what...
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    Furniture from JB

    hi hi i order some furniture from soonly ann in johor, paid 30% deposit, was told to pay 70% balance when i nxt go in to settle before delivery. is this standard practice or do i have e right to settle it when they deliver to singapore? help pls. kinda worried though it has a good reputation
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    Cheapest Sink & Wash Basin u have seen?

    For toilet.. get NEOREST from Toto. This is my dream toilet bowl and would defintely get it had it not been my budget issue. As for faucet, for good quality, I will say hangrohe, grohe and alex something are very good in quality and asthetics.. if your budget allows. However, real italian...