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    Seeking outsiders' advice

    Hi Jane_wine Sounds like your hubby still getting over his business failure and feeling the blunt of it. The dust haven't settled it seems. And most guys who are entrepreneurs are usually egoistic and alpha males. So, when you came up with plan 1 strike his core that he is...
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    when married, does yr husband gives u allowance even though wife is working?

    I'm not " stereotyping"...just look at the women's charter: Quote Court may order maintenance of wife and children 69. —(1) Any married woman whose husband neglects or refuses to provide her reasonable maintenance may apply to the court, and the court may, on due proof thereof, order the...
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    checking BF/husband handphone

    I don't need you to believe me nor do I gain popularity votes when my objective is to just share what the actual real male charactertics are.. defend your spouse's all right...I dont deny there are good guys but the percentage is that little. I've seen so much and been through so much and...
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    need help n advice directions

    Honesty snowchilli, if you try it out again with him, there's always a black spot on your mind you can't totally let go...that he once hurt your feelings n betrayed you. So, be honest with yourself and once you know yourself, you know whether to try out or ...move on. God bless.
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    checking BF/husband handphone

    ladies..this is a sad and contradictory all boils down to the man..I trusted whole heartily and never question his late night or mid night disappearance...but one day he left his other hp at home and when I tried to hand over to him, I accidently flipped open and saw what change my...
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    Choice at 42

    you had just answer the question yourself... :)
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    How to Annul a Marriage in sg

    talking to a lawyer is $500 per hour...and you may not get what you needed to know...cos that's the lawyer's way of enticing you to seek him up again...I have a ex lawyer can PM me ([email protected]) if you really are on tight budget and need legal advise. I'm not into charging...
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    Dating with expats... need some advice

    You have to extremely careful with expats as they are always on the road and who know what disease they had been exposed to knowingly or unknowing. I had my share of pain and living with it...Thank God I see through him when a prostitute dropped a note with telephone nbr to his hotel rm ...that...
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    when married, does yr husband gives u allowance even though wife is working?

    Ladies, take my advise...husband must give wife allowance...and must insist. Why? otherwise, they have too much money and goes drinking and womanizing. That's what happened to me. And when I realized and started asking, he's always say not enough...think can a man's salary not enough...
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    Appreciate recommendation on contractor, carpenter or ID.

    Hi...I never trust bangala..they are touch and go...paint in front and back never paint...they make sure front always look nice but when u check behind......Yucks! And got problem cannot find anyone. That's my take. You may like to try Mr Calvin Lim/Senior Consultant @MSP Far East, became a...