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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    thanks big toes have a nice wkend ahead ;)
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    hi big toes... very glad that you have a truly memorable wedding at hyatt. wondering the 3rd nite stay.. was it the same as the bridal suite (i.e. 1st 2 nites) or is it a junior suite given to you? thanks
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    <1st dish & walk in song for jazz theme>

    i wld like to have a nice fast track for my first dish... greatly appreciat it if you could it to me at [email protected] many thanks
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    March in song and first dish song

    Dear all... I would like to have the following songs: i looking for these songs 1. you raised me up 2. be my guest 3. shower me love 4. love theme (Dance Mix) 5. i pledge my love Anyone who has them, please email : [email protected] thank so much in advance!!!
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    Hi, any experienced and great co-ordinator from hyatt u cld recommend please? really appreciate ya help! blueybubble &amp; Eve: who are your co-ordinators? can u share ya experience with me? thanks alot! thanks
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    hi all, i'm intending to get a projector for my upcoming wedding. Could you provide the contacts and charges? Not taking from Hyatt coz of the high costs. Thanks very much!
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    tanks bigtoes.. u're so lucky... got so many freebies... to glam up the place ;)
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    Hi Big Toes! thanks so much for sharing the photos. i noticed that the vvip tables are in the centre of the big room, right ? ;) the tall round roses sure look beautiful..! wondering whether u top up for the tall roses at the vip tables and the organza for alternate seats for the guests...
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    Lorenzo-any comments?

    loking for lorenzo voucher. if u have any ..pls email me at [email protected] as soon as possible. thanks
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    Skinny Brides

    hihi.. i'm also a skinny bride, targetin at my tummy fats. haha.. currently using oto belt hopefully can kills some fatty cells away. hehe.... not sure wat kind of WG n EG fits skinny bride best? really good if u cld share ya weddin pixs wif me .. thanks alot!
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    Hotel Jen Tanglin, Singapore by Shangri-La

    hihihi mountain, can u send me the latest wedding package pls to [email protected] thanks alot
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    hihihi anyone went for the hyatt's wedding showcase today? wondering what perks are given?
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    Hi Rene and Blur Blur, Pls email me at [email protected]. Wanna seek your advice. 10q10q !