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    Kitchen Aid Artisan 5QT MIxer US model

    Hi is this still available? Can let me know via sms at 97928229?
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    XZQT solid wood dining table + 6 chairs for sale

    Hi can you send me the photos at [email protected]?
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    AD Photogrpahy Questions

    One point for all BTBs to consider. The photographer must be one that not only is professional with his photography skills (which most of us are most concerned about), but also have a open and sociable personality. I was quite offended by one of my friend's photographer who was very rude and...
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    (2010/10) Oct 2010 BTB

    Anyone here doing photoshoot in month of August? My photoshoots are on 12 & 23 August, right smacked in the Lunar 7th month.. Family members say its not good to do anything relating to wedding during 7th month? But we don't have time anymore as wedding is in October! Oh well...
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    Walking Tall (shoes for shorter man)

    Anyone has Walking Tall Shoes Black and White Colours to sell? Looking for Sizes 41 - 42 (US Size 8). Please email me at [email protected]
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    Any nice massage and spa places in Bali Seminyak area to recommend me?
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    Hi may I ask if eoj's agent contact is J&M Travel? Do they help in booking and sourcing for private villas?
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    Plaza Park Royal

    Also just for those still considering ParkRoyal, there is a Circle Line MRT station (Nicholl Highway) behind the hotel, have to walk through Furniture Mall I believe. It is also another option for your guests to use to come to the hotel for the dinner and going back.
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    Plaza Park Royal

    I am going to hold my wedding there this year in October. After comparison, ParkRoyal has one of the best packages around, in terms of price, food quality and perks. I had some problems as in-laws wanted a 5-star place initially but managed to resolve it. Lucky my banquet manager is very...
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    AXXA design & print - good experience with them!

    wow I am going to call Axxa too!
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    3 Tier Wedding Cakes

    Hi Kel, can you PM me the contact of your neighbourhood bakery?
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    anyone here having their dinner at GH on 10 October? I plan to have mine there (but not confirmed) and worry that too many people having wedding dinner on the same night and the food quality and service will really be bad...
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    Advise For slimming

    Hi Katherin You don't accept PM so please email me at [email protected]
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    (2010/10) Oct 2010 BTB

    Huh is that considered late? I am taking my photos in July only. Mid July. AD 10 oct?
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    Advise For slimming

    Hi Katherin, can you pass me the contact of your javanese massage? Need to start asap!!
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    Advise For slimming

    anyone knows of a good place for toning and firming treatments?
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    Plaza Park Royal

    Hi Jason, I don't recommend Stamford Room because once you see the room the first thing is the flight of stairs. Initially I wanted to use that room but I can't imagine my grandmother having to walk up and down there. Our wedding dinner is mostly for the elders so we decided to use Plaza...
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    Plaza Park Royal

    Anyone holding their banquet at Park Royal @Beach Road in October 2010? Mine will be on 11 October 2010. Would like to compare perks given by hotel, please private message me.
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    Don't want gatecrash

    Glad to see this thread as I am also not into gatecrashing (although I have been a jiemei before and was quite mean). First of all, my fiance is the type that hates to be embarrassed and I am not sure if he "can take it"? Secondly, he is not the very extroverted type and to capture all of these...
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    (2010/10) Oct 2010 BTB

    Here's mine Wedding details: Wedding Date: 10/10/2010 and 11/10/2010 Bridal Studio: Bridal De Couture (or My Dream Wedding, haven't confirm) Banquet Venue: Charis Tabernacle Church and ParkRoyal at Beach Road PS: Bridal De Couture (or My Dream Wedding) Photographer (Actual Day)...