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    Any good bridal shops?

    I agree with Joyce.. Talking abt VC.. Its a great dissapointment. Wld say that the co-ordinator is super forgetful and BLUR! A lot of cockups.. I am totally pissed with them!
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    My painful breakup

    Jia You, gals!!! U must live ur life better w/o him!!!
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    JP - Chan Kai Yau

    Ferlis Dear>> Congrats on ur ROM.. welcome to the MRS club! :P
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    Pregnant 1 year before wedding?

    I agree with what jadeite said! Furthermore, if u abort this 1.. u might never have kids again in future when u want or when u think u r ready to be a mother!!! I believe abortion is also not always 100% safe!
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    Sg location culture

    I agree with Hei Bee Hiam... I stay in the West.. find it more crowded than any other estates.. Going to Boon Lay interchange/Jurong point on weekends and public holidays is a NoNo.. because its so congested with "You Know Wat".. They sit ard in groups, talking and drinking on any grass...
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    Dealing with conflicts between Mother and Wife

    I feel that if circumstances allow, dun stay 2gether.. like wat pple said, "Xiang Zhu Hao Tong Zhu Nan".. I feel that young couples shld really really be given a private personal space. Not staying 2gether not = not filial mah.. The couple can always drop by to visit their parents when they...
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    Anyone currently attached/married to a SAF regular?

    Diane>> I believe ur hubby wld know... Ask him to go to his PAC Dept wif details of the wedding.. There is an approval form to be submitted. Ur hubby wld also need to "gather" his officers friends as sword bearers.. i think they shld know wat to do de... Ferlis dear>> Gd to see u here...
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    What makes you happy in a marriage once the honeymoon is over?

    Actually, i am quite guilty abt the care part.. my hubby always ask me to watch soccer wif him during weekends.. but i rather stay in my room and ZZzzZZZZzzz.. LOL
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    What makes you happy in a marriage once the honeymoon is over?

    Yeah.. I agree with Roger! Honeymoon need not be an overseas trip.. I guess just being happy doing things 2gther? Perhaps like whipping up a meal 2gether at home.. So, everyday can be a honeymoon even if it's at home.
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    What makes you happy in a marriage once the honeymoon is over?

    Hw abt trying for a BB? Hubby and I are trying for 1.. The thought of it never fails to brighten up my day.. thinking tat we are gng to build a family 2gether..
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    How is it that

    Stop comparing cos comparing will make u more unhappy.. Even if u are with the better 1.. there wld always who seem to better than him too.. there wld be no end... Be content and happy wif wat u have!
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    Anyone received call from NbyN?

    Rigid and uncompromising staff they have there! Xinyi... hope u did not sign up their package! For my case, i dun find my makeup or hairstyle nice at all! Nowhere near to being professional makeup at all! I hope more pple will get to know abt the tactics of this sickening company and...
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    A Place To Vent Anger on Monster In Laws

    Oh no.. i also never think too much abt the bb issues.. Hubby and I are trying for a bb.. Hopefully, my in laws will not meddle in how i take care of my bb in future.. Furthermore, i had decided to go back to my mum's place for confinement. Hubby has agreed to it cos he felt that my mama...
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    A Place To Vent Anger on Monster In Laws

    koikoi>> Thanks! Yeah.. so far.. for me, its not too bad.. just the matter of getting used to it.. of cse, if hubby really managed to buy another new hse.. tat wld be great news and big bonus to me le..
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    A Place To Vent Anger on Monster In Laws

    Liz & Rong Ruo>> Yeah.. I love my hubby.. hence gotta love his family too.. I admit tat i am not an angel.. The initial part of adapting is difficult.. n I hate the feeling of dragging myself home.. Different lifestyle.. different ways of doing things mah.. Ultimately, I told...
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    A Place To Vent Anger on Monster In Laws

    Liz>> On ur SIL not doing house.. since u are staying 2gether.. as long as she never make ur house dirty.. i guess have to close ur eyes lor.. I understand tat u will feel very inbalance esp when u are doing housework and she is not.. but bo bianzz leh.. i guess to be staying 2gether...
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    NEED ADVICE !!! ++ ***No Jie Meis' BTB*** sob badly

    koikoi>> Mine is xx7.. join us tat the JW thread lah.. though its dying off le.. :P
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    A Place To Vent Anger on Monster In Laws

    Yeah.. like wat clipperjunk said.. mil, fil and sil comes in whole package with our hubby.. Like it or not, it's true.. But come think abt it.. if not for ur in-laws, we will not have our hubbies.. as for siblings in laws.. i guess they are "bonus" ba.. Haaaa... Rong ruo>> Since there is...
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    NEED ADVICE !!! ++ ***No Jie Meis' BTB*** sob badly

    koikoi>> Erm.. kinda got used to it.. but dun really like it here.. Hope to move to a more centralise area.. see how the property market lor 3 years later ba.. if can earn, then we'll sell and move to a smaller flat.. Which blk are u staying? Green>> U also staying near JW too...
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    NEED ADVICE !!! ++ ***No Jie Meis' BTB*** sob badly

    koikoi>> where are u staying? I am staying in JW St 65.. u 2?