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    Anyone know experience make up artist? budget a bit tight

    Hihi Actual day 24/06/12 Im Looking for MUA too Pls email me [email protected]
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    rhomlom liquid eye liner is gd.
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    Any brides here does not have a proposal ring?

    Some time 2 yrs back,He quietly dropped the box into my handbag, hoping i discover it. I excused myself later to the washroom to check what he dropped in my handbag,It's a Red box with a Solitaire. It's from SK, so i wasn't very impressed with it. It's about 0.24 with 4 claws So i exit the...
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    JP Recommendation

    Mine is on 5th Dec. But i cant find JP. Initially, i've asked JP Mr Koh. I've changed the time from 1pm to 2.40pm. He cant make it at that time.
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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    It wasn't a simple affair. we wanted solemnisation on 5th dec 08 and customary on 5th dec 09 but cus His grandpa passed away,his grandma says must be b4 100days or 3 yrs So I panicked, wanted 5th dec 08 as our customary. After the Tee Qing, realised it is not going to be a simple affair if i...
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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    it's ok.
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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    Fiona are you from DS? owes Maltese? i am Feyon's owner.
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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    No, decided , verbal booked" but not deposit. deposit this sunday. not exactly simple initially wanted just rom, then his grandpa passed away so we have to do it within 100 days then we nt ready with such a large sum of money, so now everything -__-" esp the Guo da li, ping jin my mum ask...
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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    Hi everyone! i am a dec bride too. But just decided recently... so stressed out now
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    oh, i missed BKK the orange Juice ,shopping, massage, the mango rice dessert & pad thai...
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    where will u stay? oppposite baiyoke hotel, near pratunam center, no address here.
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    hi ladies, I just got back from BKK. I got good reviews for First House Hotel It cost me only s$35 a night (the locals said it's still expensive) it's not shown on all maps. most shows First Hotel but it's just around the corner. It's not easily found cus it's not along the main road, more...