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    Furama Riverfront Singapore

    Hi....does anyone mind sharing photos of the ballroom???considering the hotel now...hee thankss.. [email protected]...
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    Carlton Hotel

    Can anybody send me the price list and photos???thanksss [email protected]
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    Amara Singapore

    Hi Sheryl...can send to me too??? I am still deciding...but Amara seems nice.. [email protected]
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    Amara Singapore

    hi can anybody send me the 2011 package too?? [email protected] Thank you...
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    Copthorne King's Hotel

    ohh anybody know if there will be any upcoming show from them?? the ceiling quite low???
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    My Dream Wedding

    Hi all.... Have been reading all the post...very interested to find out more about MDW...I wanted only local is it recommended??anybody with such package to share??? Thanks Thankss....