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    Any brides who doesnt feel its necessary to have a diamond ring

    Hi ladies, this discussion really help me to clear my concern whether my htb buy me a proposal ring. As my wedding and house renovation will be happen on the same period, I don't want to give him financial stress. I also dun like solitaire. I rather use the 2- 3k on a unique wedding band, better...
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    Wedding Planner Necessary?

    Hi, I start to get headaches after going through the Wedding dinner packages. Thinking whether a wedding planner can help us save $$$ and time so that we can have more time preparing for our new house. Any recommendation and advise?
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    Any Good Driving Instructor - For refreshing course

    Jackie Tay, Is Mr Tay good and patient? Do he charge expensive? anyone know any good instructor who teach auto at west area?
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    Driving Lessons - School or Pte?

    Hi I am looking for a Private instructor for refresher (auto). Location at West side. Any recommendation? Pls let me know. thanks.