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    wow, i see, i better bring thicker clothes hehee
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    Taiwan F&E

    anyone know what's the weather lik in taipei during mid-feb? wondering what clothing to bring...
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    Modern Beauty Salon

    after u sign up with them, u will realise ur next difficulty is to book an appointment. book too early, they say schedule not out yet. book too late, they say no slot left, ask u to try again. then u give them a date, they say they call u back coz schedule not out yet n the cycle goes on... if u...
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    Modern Beauty Salon

    how to lodge report to CASE? can we do so together?
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    i'm thinking of gg taiwan in jan or feb 09. how's the weather like?
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    Anyone had a To-do-list for helpers on wedding day?

    si dian jin.. anyway, can wear si dian jin on actual day??
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    Accommodation in Krabi

    tamarind, how much did u spend for the room at Amari Vogue resort? looks nice and peaceful
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    Jialat leh! Really got nothing to do in the office!

    wonder what job u r in.. hahaa coz i always v busy, hardly go time go toliet even :p
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    Frds wanted

    hey this tickles me so much!! i chose b and really describes my job now keke
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    Accessories, veils & gloves, etc

    real flowers will be lovely i did that for my photoshoot
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    Women Health Screening

    i went for tan tock seng hospital's. it's really good and comfortable. there is a pantry section, with breakfast for u after ur screening (since u r supposed to fast before the screening). i enjoyed it, like going spa hahaa
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    Modern Beauty Salon

    me too, i am so disgusted with their selling methods. every session, after cleansing ur face, a so-called "consultant" would come in to examine ur face. no matter wats the outcome, the "consultant" will recommend a "facial-of-the-day" (something like soup-of-the-day concept) which requires me to...
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    Advice on Toner

    i'm using skin equality toner and 02 essence. light and works well on my skin. it's at a reasonable price too
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    Bad experience with LTB

    love that binds?
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    Concealer? Good recommendation, anyone?

    bodyshop's concealer works well for me. cheap and won't cause pimple outbreak
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    Facial at "Modern Beauty"

    better don't go MB.. i seriously wonder if they are properly trained... their employees change very often (high turnover)..
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    Anyone who has "you pao" under eye area?

    don't go MB.. even after u signed up, everytime you go, they will ask u to sign up more or buy other stuff.. quite sick of them already
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    Which credit card to apply?

    i also prefer uob for citibank, even if you have two cards, you have to split your bills there was one occasion when i paid for the total amount of two cards but did not split the bill into the respective cards. in the end, one card is unpaid and the other overpaid
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    An Engagement Ring

    0.3 carat, vvs, E color, round cut, 18K gold setting at $3340 sounds expensive to me mine was 0.4 carat, vvs2, d color, titanium setting from goldheart at $2,300+