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    Cervical cancer vaccine

    oh so above 26 also can take right? that's great! wonder where else has it? does the local GP clinic has it?
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    Cervical cancer vaccine

    i heard its quit painful. how many jabs did u need?
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    Dr Joyce Lim at Paragon

    DA.T: wat kind of cream did she give u? How much did u spent on her consultation and medications and are you still using them?
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    Pimple cream - which works best?

    headache (cys): where to get pearl powder? u mean we grind them ourselves?
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    Local Part Time Maid

    I have a part time maid who does very good job. she's residing in jurong. anyone wants her contact just PM or email me at [email protected]
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    Hong Kong - Hotel & ShoppingRecommendation

    hi noscon u can try the money changers at Raffles Place ie The Arcade. They give quite competitive rates. Now HKD dollar should be quite weak so change more if you like.
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    LV: no prob! Hope u find ur stuff! aspiration: You might want to try Grand Diamond Hotel or Service Apartment located very near to Pratunam Market. It is just 5 mins walk to Pratunam market and it is an ex service apartment converted to hotel. When i stayed there a few years back they have...
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    LY: I think MBK has a storey which sells cheap mascaras and makeup remover. think its the 3rd storey near the escalator. The stalls are like push carts stationed there but i think their stuff are quite cheap. not sure if its authentic though. L'Oreal Makeup remover is very cheap there! U should...
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    Kenshare: I went there too when hubby was on a biztrip so I had about 2 days to shop myself! For massage, go to this shopping centre Plaza 29 which is opposite MBK and linked by a bridge, u will see alot of shops doing mani and pedi with nailart at very good price! I paid only S$12-15 for my...
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    Modern Beauty Salon

    wow thank goodness for this thread! I almost wanted to go and try modern beauty when my long-term regular beautician decided to retire! now i am looking for a good beautician who can do thorough extractions. thanks for the caution gals!
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    Pai Du Mei Yuan Bao

    yeah cant find the thread already. where can i get it from besides guardian?
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    Who got the Marriage Budget Spreadsheet?

    hi shirlynn can i have a copy of it too? [email protected]
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    Anyone do Japanese Perm before?

    whats the difference between ceramic, jap or digital perm? anyone can help?
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    Any good eye lash curler to recommend?

    i love shu uemura's one. its shape is just nice for the asian eyes. tried shiseido before and it pinch my corners really badly.
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    Sunblock for face - share your experience here! <IMG SRC="

    maya: no I am also another victim! i can feel little bits like being rubbed off when i put on foundation. eeks...maybe you should wait till the sunblock settles down first then apply the foundation?
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    French Love Songs

    anyone has any idea what is the french song that was being played on the advertisement of the mediacorp show starring joanne peh, pierre png and roy chiu a mth ago? always wanted to know its title! if anyone has the song, can email me at [email protected]?
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    Advice on Toner

    stepford: yeah but i heard from the my fav BA in SG counters that they might be coming out with Depsea skincare sets! Crossing my fingers though i think the depsea toner has got no alocohol, which i like! my sensitive skin flares up at the slightest bit and so far, i'm loving the depsea...
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    2 way cake to recommend?

    stepford: how does the essene work? its necessary meh? oh no another splurge to be!
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    2 way cake to recommend?

    stepford: U MUST get it! Its really good! and not only at all! comes with a spatula so its really hygienic as well do u use the emulsion in the day time? thinking of getting that now! hee
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    2-way Cake - Duration of Use

    mine lasted for 2-3 months! I dun really need to touch up though