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    Wedding at The Chapel @ Imaginarium

    Just saw this. I have Enquired on The Chapel. The place is really nice but it’s located in an Eunos industrial park. They don’t provide any free parking. Food wise; they have a list of approved caterers. You only can choose from there. The caters will provide tables. Suggest you contact them...
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    2019 BTB: Chinese/Indian Wedding

    Wah!! Seems like it’s very exciting to have 2 traditions together! I don’t have any experience for Chinese and Indian weddings. My Uncle is an INdian and my aunt is a Chinese. For An Chuan, my mum told me that it should be done at new house where you and your HTB are living together. Which...
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    2019 BTB

    Yes! You need to swipe minimum 5 trasnscation. Usually hotel is able to help you. So you need to break your $2000 into 5 transactions! The rebates goes like this Spend $500 every month for 3 consecutive months : get $50 on the 4th month (3.33%) Spend $1000 every month for 3 consecutive...
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    2019 BTB

    I am using UOB ONE CARD! My hotel banquet allows me to swipe 10 transaction per month. So I request 9x$200 + $201. Total $2001. Haha, cause I abit kiasu.. I scare it must be $2000 above then can be entitled. Cause I had bad experience with HSBC, where I swipe exactly $2000 and they refuse to...
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    What’s the best credit card to pay for wedding banquet and have good rebates or mileage

    Hahaha! For me I got both cards - UOB one and American Express. UOB one has the highest Cashback if you charge $2000 every month for the quarter. After that, anything that exceeds $2000, I will use American Express. It is good as there is no minimum spending. There are things like bridal...
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    2019 BTB

    Hahaha! Initially I want to do that too but then we are taking pre wedding photos. So he will be seeing it already? My Best Friend did that. And her hubby really tear. The PG manage to catch the best picture!!! Unless you are not taking pre wedding, it can be done. But you have to Ensure...
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    AD photography and videography

    Oops. I mean 2 videographers, not Photographers.
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    AD photography and videography

    Hi! I sign up with them last month and the price is $2688. No early fees. No extra hour charge. No lunch express edit charge. No hidden cost. They got 2 Photographers. Please note that the price might increase too, as they are now expanding their team. So better ask them early before...
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    AD photography and videography

    My videographer is Momentold. I feel that they are really good and the price is reasonable. No extra charge for lunch express edit cause I’m having lunch too. They have 2 videographers. One good thing is that they don’t charge by the number of hours, if you take the full day. Cause my lunch...
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    Aisle Bridal Reviews?

    Went to The aisle at their new place at McNair there. Just last month - June 2018.I don’t like the salesperson there and feel that they are very hard selling. When I had my first appointment there, she keep praising the large range of gowns that she has and How good the MUA is. She doesn’t...
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    Hens night ideas

    Quincy hotel! Have stayed there with my girlfriends. They have hens night theme where they can arrange limousine to clubs too. They have all day dining too. And lots of free activities for you to join. Not too sure if they still have it now.
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    Wedding Planning before Proposal

    Yes!!! It is so fun learning together about the diamond ring - carats, Color, clarity. Never knew that it is so profound. Hahahaha, yea... I did the same thing so that he can surprise me. At least we already help them to lessen the burden by telling them what we want for the rings!! You can...
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    2019 BTB

    I have tried Bqueens ! They are very nice and let you try as many gowns as you want. I spend 1.5 hours to try the gowns to find out which style I like. The quality is not bad and the ppl there are not pushy for sales. The have a transparent price package which I feel that the price is very...
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    2019 BTB

    You might want to go to Holiday Inn Orchard city centre. They can have below 20 tables. They have a wedding show today and it is around $1K nett per table if you planning to have it next year or below $1000 net if having wedding in 2018. It is in The Central location. Price only available...
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    Without gatecrash?!?!

    I’m planning one without gate crash too. Cause I feel that it is pointless to play games. Especially those ridiculous games. Most importantly is the speeches, and enjoying yourself at the wedding.
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    Wedding Planning before Proposal

    Me too! I'm a sept 2019 bride too! We started to look for wedding venues, photography and videography already. But he didn't propose at all. It just come naturally that we want to spend our life together. My friends were all shocked when they learnt about all these wedding planning before...
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    morning highlights

    I am looking at sense gallery. But the rates are quite high.they have 2 videographers on the team. And I like it that they have very beautiful same day edit lunch express. You can check them out!
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    Letting go Actual day package

    Hi there! Is this package this available ?
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    Letting go of AD/Videography package for S$1980

    Hi! If it's available, PM me the details?
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    Wts actual day package

    please PM me on which vendor is this.