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    WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?

    I finally chose Electrolux EWF1087... hope i didnt make a wrong decision. $990 inclusive delivery and free persil detergent.
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    Any good lightings shops to recommend?

    Crown lighting close ard wat time??
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    WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?

    Electrolux front load - EWF984 7kg $918.00 good or not?? first time owning front load washer, not sure wat to look out for. How abt whirlpool?? forgotten the model no. - 800rmp or 1200rmp
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    Renovation Contractor To Recommend

    Berry/Kelvin Any website or email addy of Andy's?? Thanks [email protected]
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    A place to show your beautiful kitchen....

    Is that stainless steel backing? How much to do that? glass or stainless stell cheaper to do? thou glass is easier to mantain
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    A guide to selecting yr Hob & Hood?

    I would prefer glass.... modern and easy cleaning Am aiming bellari H&H