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    Any place for good and reasonably food in Sembawang/Yishun/Woodlands area?

    Hye MG Fan, Dun say tat. Actually, U think our area the food quite good leh. I'm staying at Yishun, and so far, i think we have the most, good yet not expensive food. Some places like gain some publicity liao, then no keep up standard or increase $. BTW, the Thai food at Sembawang SC want...
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    "An Chuang (安床)"

    Hey shigeru75, U sound so pro leh. Think u can set a "Feng Shui" thread here, sure got supporters 1. Anyway, e site u gave is quite useful. Thank alot.
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    Any recommendations for a pet shop to buy a puppy?

    Oh, I can't agreed more with all the dogs lover here. Hee. I'm a dog lover too, have a 1 year Shih Tzu at home. He has really brought me and my family a great deal of fun and joy. Read some thread of "puppies for sales" in tis site. Makes me worries! Frankly, if owners really love ur dogs but...
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    (2004/05) ROM in May 2004

    Hi Arina, Actually, no need buy "tong Shu". U can just go to any temple, ask e pp to "calculate" a good date. Just provide him with u, ur FH, FIL and ur parents' DOB (aka: 8 characters). The "guan yin" temple at bugis has tis service too. (even for next year) Just yi shi yi shi gave 1 ang pao...
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    For All dog lovers

    hi pegsfur, which BS are u from??? And how much did u spend on AD photograph?? Cos my BS package dun include AD photo. Now trying to find a cheap but good one. Heehe. FH brought a videocam to record AD, but hope to capture some "hardcopy" of AD as well... And,is e diff great between...
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    "An Chuang (安床)"

    Hi Caroline, Sorry, forget to include my email add. [email protected] Thks alot..
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    Honeymoon Fund" - Contribution needed!!!

    A vote for u, Grace! Hahha. Sell it on Ebay, not an bad idea. But the thing is if the gift is by ur close fren/relatives, then when u ask u," where is the xxx which i gave u on ur wedding?" Y nv display out? How to answer huh?
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    "An Chuang (安床)"

    Hi Caroline...can pls send me a copy too??? Thks alot.
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    Bridemaid Dress

    Oh, really feel bad to ask... But, can send me too? Plus the cost as well. Thks. [email protected]
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    Marriage Counselling: Any recommendations?

    Opps! Made an mistake, MCDS do have real-time workshop.. EM.....but think e $ abit steep leh... They shld try to lower down e $ mah. Pp getting marry, where got $, right ladies..
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    Marriage Counselling: Any recommendations?

    Is the threat still active? I'm keen on the marriage preparation course too. But the one MCDS providing is "e-learning" type. Dun really want to face the computer again after I knock off! Well, SB is an exception. Hahaha
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    (2004/05) ROM in May 2004

    hey, mine is on 17thMay... Maybe AD will be Dec04, if can get banquet...But I think difficult lah...sigh...
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    Hi Ladies, I'm a May04 Bride too. Well, maybe semi May04 bride lah. Cos ROM May04, AD maybe Dec04. Sigh...Maybe becos I still can't get a restaurant yet!!! Budget is nt more than $500/table, need abt +-20 table...Any lobang???