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    Lorenzo-any comments?

    Cool, Sorry for the late reply. I bought the whole set 1 table + 6 chairs at $1088 i think. Lyon
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    Lorenzo-any comments?

    Hi, I bought from Lorenzo one dining table and 1 side table. Quality wise was not that great as I had to get them to change 1 chair and 1 drawer of the dining table. Also I believe there is only one guy handling the logistic which i believe is a guy by the name of Alex. It took quite a...
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    A compilation of hidden costs

    Hi There, I actually completed my renovation about 4 to 5 months back. I really urge all you guys/ladies about to take the renovation contract or in the process of discussion to write down every single details including measurement and type of material used. Dont leave out this important part...
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    Shoe cabinet Design

    Hi there, Just to let you know, I actually did something which is a 3 in one thing. Its a shoe cabinet, partition and also a place i seat to weat my shoe which is just behind my front door. But the show cabinet can only take about 12 shoes due to limited space. Maybe you all can consider if...
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    Contractors for Renovation (Non-ID) Wanted

    Hi, Thank you so much for all your good suggestions. Actually I am just thinking of doing the basics u normally see in a package and maybe one simple partition and fabrication of a bench with shoerack where you can change your shoes. Would appreciate anyone which can pass me the contacts of...
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    Contractors for Renovation (Non-ID) Wanted

    Hi, I am just wondering, if i am planning to do my renovation without much design, should i choose a contractor or a ID firm. All comments appreciated.