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    SPENDING LOTS OF $ ON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY - personal views here!

    I find looking at memorable photos could bring back those sweet and nostalgic feeling after a few years of marriage. But I prefer those natural photos that capture the couple in actions, like AD photos or pre/post wedding photos taken when you are on vacation/honeymoon. We took our pre-wedding...
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    Hi Lilo, you can consider staying at 2 different places, especially if you dun have a tour package, as the attractions are not very near from one to another. Kuta is more happening, near the Kuta beach and has long stretch of cafes, pubs, and shops. Nusa Dua is more serene. You can have a look...
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    You can consider Villa the Tukad. There is a small private swimming pool, verandah, living room, and kitchen. We stayed there during our photoshoot with WeddingCelestial, Bali local photographer (