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    WTS Angbao boxes and Anna Nucci wedding shoes (size 38 or 7)

    Hi Yingkat,if I dont recall wrongly it is at least 4 inches high.quite high but good height.
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    (2014/03) MARCH Brides

    Angbao boxes for if keen
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    (2014/12) December 2014 BTB

    Angbao boxes for if keen .Thanks
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    WTS Angbao boxes and Anna Nucci wedding shoes (size 38 or 7)

    A pair of angbao boxes from Kalms and DIYed going for $38. Anna Nucci wedding shoes size 38. Email [email protected] Kembangan area.
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    WTS Angbao Boxes (male & female)

    Pls email if keen.Deal at Kembangan MRT or Siglap area.
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    WTS a pair of Ang Bao boxes (male and female)

    Letting go of below angbao boxes.pls email me at [email protected] if at Kembangan MRT or Siglap only.
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    WTS Ang Bao Boxes (1 pair) & Anna Nucci wedding shoes (size 38 / 7)

    Pls email me [email protected] if keen in the pair of angbao good as new. Shoes worn only once for a while on actual day.
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    WTS Angbao boxes and Anna Nucci wedding shoes (size 38 or 7)

    Hi I have a pair of angbao bixes DIY to sell, a pair of immaculate conditn Anna Nucci wedding shoes. pls email me if keen at [email protected]
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    WTS Angbao Boxes (male & female)

    Selling my DIYed angbao boxes. 2 to go together. Collect in Kembangan MRT. Pls email [email protected] If keen.
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    WTS Anna Nucci wedding shoes

    Hi selling my wedding shoes from Anna Nucci size 38. Superb condition. Worn only during actual day . Still come with box.pls email [email protected] if keen.Deal in Siglap area.
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    Amara Sanctuary

    Hey all,just want to share that the service from Amara Sanctuary has got nothing to fault on! Had a not so good beginning with them on the follow ups until Jason Wong took over with Guorong and the rest of the banquet guys! Food was great too! Didn't regret that I only go to Amara Sanctuary...
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    Any Groom Who Self-Drive on AD <IMG SRC="

    My HTB is also self driving his new Z4.No worries about VG and PG cos they will be be fixing a new gadget camera on the front bonnet of car to video the drive.Will take note on the NOT TO PUT REVERSE GEAR advice!! IT is perfectly fine not to be chauferred.
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    Advice on ANG POW BOX

    Can go Kalms to buy boxes to decorate is fun! Each is $19 plain ones with slots.
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    Amara Sanctuary

    Hi Hi does anyone serve canapes during reception here? Or can I order some light canapes from outside to serve during reception?
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    Take note: UNETHICAL Photographer!!!

    Hi Ms Bubly,which BS and PG are they?can email to me pls to [email protected] thanks
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    Silhouette the Atelier

    Hi Latte(Choco_ice),can you send me the OTR package too?my email is [email protected]
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    Amara Sanctuary

    I heard another wedding show in Jan
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    Silhouette the Atelier

    keen to know more about the package by Silhouette.pls kindly email me the details of their package [email protected]