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    Hihi, I personally like and believe in the therapeutic effects of Aromatherapy products. I am partnering with a friend to bring in Bath & Body Works products from the U.S. to SG and some of the products are from their Aromatherapy range. We have Body Lotions, Body Mist & Body...
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    nobody by wondergirls

    Hi, I love to use this for my wedding. Anyone mind sending it to me at [email protected]? Greatly appreciate and thank you in advance.
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    Anybody has a DIY template (chinese n eng wording) for inserts?

    Hi anyone can help me with the english and chinese templates? I need something that I can edit. THanks. My email is [email protected]
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    Text on Invitation card (Chinese + English)

    hi can send me the template too? thanks. [email protected]
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    Where to find international buffet with Chocolate Fountain as dessert?

    High tea at Goodwood Park and Furama Riverfront.
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    What Shower Foam Do You Use?

    Hi! I'm working with a fren to bring Bath & Body Works to SG. Since I'm getting married soon, I've been considering using it as Wedding Favours for my wedding entourage. You can check out my blog at Thanks!