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    (2012/12) Dec2012 BTB

    hi all, lost track here i'm at current stage of selecting MUA!!! cos i had my bridal package in JB, so no MUA provided for the AD, any recommendations? i have browsed many, but i still scare select the wrong eyeing on Susan Tee or Cherry Au, anyone engaging them? There's also...
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    (2012/12) Dec2012 BTB

    hi all, any MUA to recommend? so Jasmine's recommended MUA is Ivy Chen? there are alot of good PG and VG around, can just find them from all the wedding sites, i booked mine with Androids in Boots and Iriswave about $3.2k together... hey LiWah, so you are the one who has booked Novotel...
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    (2012/12) Dec2012 BTB

    hi all BTB!! i'm Dec BTB too. AD 22 Dec 2012...regardless of which date Dec is quite hot Was thinking of planning bits by bits, but really dunno where to start from haha... Booked BS with Fables in JB and Banquet with Raffles Town Club Trying to diy save-the-date magnet now to give out...
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    Actively searching for BS now - Thread for sharing

    Precious Moment Bridal still at sin ming? cos i try to google it, there is one located at IMM... zaex, how much is the package like? includes?
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    Raffles Town Club

    hi all, we are confirming our banquet with RTC too for year 2012! salesperson was Nora, she's quite a lovely lady to interact with, we have only met once to discuss about the package, and overall we are satisfied for now. Hope everything will go smoothly too
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    Amara Sanctuary

    hi anybody solemnising at the glass pavilion? how much do u all pay for the rental of the glass pavilion?
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    Pin Si Restaurant @ Yishun 925

    hihi would love to get the package details or photos if there is any out there to share, my email [email protected] thanks!!!
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    Qian Xi Restaurant (Farrer Park)

    sorry forgot to enclose email [email protected] TIA!
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    Qian Xi Restaurant (Farrer Park)

    hi, can anyone send pictures of diamond ballroom and cheer garden? so there's additional charge to hold the banquet at their ballrooms???
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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    hi Master David Tong, Can you advise auspicious dates in 2012 for our wedding? Bride: 3 Feb 1984 Rat Dad 1960 Rat Mum 1961 Ox Groom: 2 Aug 1978 Horse Dad 1942 Horse Mum 1951 Rabbit Does other family members(i.e. sister/brother) birthyear matters? What about bridesmaids and best...