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    2018 BTB

    Any reason why after new year is a good time, we are worried that we book too late. We have already gotten a auspicious date, still trying to confirm on the venue.. Have you heard of Vineyard at HortPark, heard its quite affordable for a small cosy outdoor wedding.
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    2018 BTB

    Hi Hi! Any BTB in 2019? When is a good time to start booking venues?
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    March 2018 BTB

    Hi all BTB! Congratulations! I am currently looking for outdoor venues for a intimate wedding, any good suggestions? Any good photographers to recommend as well? :)
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    New Zealand honeymoon

    Wow! Is it difficult to get there, worth to travel?
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    Flower arch rental

    Hihi, was thinking to do my own floral arch for a outdoor garden wedding. Will it be more affordable to make my own or rent it?
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    Outdoor ROM advice

    Hi! I am also looking for a rustic garden venue for ROM! For outdoor weddings i think its best to look for a venue that has back up options in case of bad weather conditions. I am looking for a venue that is more affordable since i just want a simple ceremony. I heard from my friend who...