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    (2011/01) Jan 2011 BTB

    sian. one of my jiemeis last min couldnt take leave for my wedding.. haiz. gotta find replacement. hope the 3 dont last min dont back out too.
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    Any Young Brides here?

    hi cai yi ping, we are around the same age. i'm getting married soon. next yr jan 2011. i'm currently 24, coming to 25. btw, where you having ur wedding dinner at?
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    1st Dance during Wedding dinner anyone?

    i'm also going to engage leonard to be my dance instructor for my wedding since he's able to come over to our place to teach us. It's much more convenient as compared to going over to other dance studios.
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    ASA Travel Agency - Europe

    Hi, i'm also looking for trips for my honeymoon in march... any recommendation? my wedding dinner will be on 26th january 2011. however contemplating whether to go in jan or feb because it's gonna be very cold...
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    Any thank you speech to share?

    pls send me a copy of your thank you speech in eng, mandarin, cantonese if possible. [email protected]
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    (2011/01) Jan 2011 BTB

    Jacqurine. I guess my reno will cost around 15k.. not much stuff to renovate.. we bought a second hand condo. the previous owner maintained it really well! pinkcoral- yea. our dates are really close. maybe we shld meetup to discuss. hahaha.. meanwhile can help each other with our weddings...
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    (2011/01) Jan 2011 BTB

    Hi sandy, congrats to your wedding! our wedding is very close to each other, probably we can brainstorm on the wedding stuff together!
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    (2011/01) Jan 2011 BTB

    Ya... i think its really crazy to pay 50k for Interior designing. my budget is quite tight, only left with 20k budget for renovation. after paying for house, very broke for wedding already.. i can pass you my interior designer @ beauty world. i can give you his contact if you're interested. i...
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    (2011/01) Jan 2011 BTB

    Hi jacqurine, what have you planned for ur wedding? how much did you top up for your photos?
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    (2011/01) Jan 2011 BTB

    hi pink, i've confirmed my venue- raffles hotel. pg/vg havent chosen yet. How abt you? when's ur date & venue.. cool.. i'm also looking @id firms. but i dont intend to renovate much. maybe budget around 10-20k.
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    (2011/01) Jan 2011 BTB

    btw, strawberry shortcake, congrats to your new house. my house will also be ready in 2 mths time. i've just exercised the option 2 weeks ago.
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    (2011/01) Jan 2011 BTB

    wow.. my wedding is on the 26th january 2011. till now, havent planned anything yet. dun even know how to start everythings. congrats to everyone getting married here. cheers! probably we can help each other since we r all getting married around the same time.