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    Advice on Honeymoon - Hokkaido

    i think its more exp cause we went during the sch holidays....
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    Advice on Honeymoon - Hokkaido

    This is the tour package me n my wife took up 7 days trip
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    Advice on Honeymoon - Hokkaido

    sorry... we went with SA.. not ANA.. typo
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    Advice on Honeymoon - Hokkaido

    Just came back from Hokkaido for my honeymoon. Went with ANA. Cost me about $2.5k/pax. The $2.5k includes everything... airport tax, admission to all attractions e.g bear ranch, ishiya factory..etc. Stay at Lake Toya. The fireworks is open to public, they fire off near the lake, so u can stay in...
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    AD Photogrpahy Questions

    shybride, why dont you try doing yourself and see if 1hr is enough or not? dun expect your VG to be some superman to do editing in 1hr. He aso need to view through what he shoots in the morning and do the cutting and editing. you may have pay him $$, but please be considerate aso, and...
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    Anybody has a DIY template (chinese n eng wording) for inserts?

    Hi there, can i have a sample of the template too? [email protected] Thanks a lot
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    How to celebrate bf birthday in a romantic bugetised way?

    Hi twinfairy, do you still remember the name of the restaurant which you mentioned earlier. The one which is on top of Holland Shopping Centre. Would like to surprise my wife one of these days.
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    39 East

    Hi, Please email me you AD package at [email protected] Thanks
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    Hi there, can please sent the email to [email protected]